In the Magnus Dynasty Saga, I depicted nine kingdoms that form the Gradaia Empire. The kingdom I will be addressing in this post is Aemarr. Aemarr is a tropical kingdom with jungles, glittering beaches, and clear seas. Due to their naval culture, Aemarr is the richest trading port in the Empire second only to the Imperial capital of Chrysos. In terms of military, Aemarr has the largest fleet in the Empire, which consists of one thousand longships and two hundred war galleys. Their trade in wealth and vast navy makes Aemarr the envy of its neighbors. After the Homantian invasion, the first Aemarrans encountered mermaids off Aemarr’s coast. The mermaids would only allow the Aemarrans to settle if they provided food and goods from the surface world. As a people, Aemarrans have dark skin, gold eyes, and white hair. Due to their profession as traders and sailors, Aemarrans often dress in fine clothing and combine it with seashell embroidery. Because they live by the sea, Aemarr is the seafood capital of the Empire.

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