In every superhero story, there comes a time in which a superhero makes their debut to the world. Before this debut, they undergo a series of changes. I am not just talking about getting their powers. I am also talking about the hardships they endure as they come to terms with their new lifestyle. After conquering these hardships and putting on their masks for the first time, their lives as mere mortals end and their lives as gods among mortals begins. When they reveal themselves to the world by fighting their first villains, doing minor good deeds like saving a cat out of a tree, or simply flying and leaping between buildings, they are displaying a powerful message to the public. That message states, “I am here! I am your savior!” At that moment, the human in a superhero dies and the hero in them lives! I am planning to depict something similar in my new superhero series when my main characters make their debut as superheroes.


I have started the tenth chapter of my new superhero book. In this chapter, a deeper description of the main characters’ powers will be provided. Also, another look at a villain’s mindset will be revealed. It is going to be an intriguing piece to work with.



Throughout human history, empires rose and fell. No empire fell more famously than Rome. The Roman Empire eventually fell at the hands of Germanic tribes known as the Visigoths. For my spin-off fantasy series, I will be depicting the fall of the Gradaian Empire at the hands of invading tribes. This will mirror how Rome fell to the Visigoths. Then the survivors have to battle the brutal aftermath as the invaders continue to ravage the land in the name of their god of war.



As you are all aware, I am a devout fanatic of both superheroes and anime. A couple days ago, I discovered a series that had both superheroes and anime, two of my favorite things! The series in question is My Hero Academia, which revolves around a high school for superheroes. Unlike X-Men, which revolved around a boarding school for superhumans, this story has the vibe of a regular high school that is specifically designed for aspiring superheroes. Each student in the main cast are colorful characters with their own unique power and personality, which makes them more enjoyable. The superhero known as All Might is essentially a more overpowered yet flawed and vulnerable version of Superman. Overall, this is an anime and superhero story that everyone will enjoy.


I had a new book idea that involves creating an encyclopedia of every superhuman power in the superhero genre. I have acquired a great deal of knowledge about superhumans and their powers that I feel like sharing my knowledge with the rest of the world. I thought the best way would be to compile an encyclopedia of superpowers. Let me know what you think and I will let you know when I make it.


I have watched A LOT of anime and read A LOT of manga. Out of the many awesome techniques I have seen in battles is power that includes crippling side effects to its wielder. As the combatant accesses this power, their bodies start to break down. This involves their blood evaporating, their muscle fibers shredding, and bones shattering like glass. This level of raw power can transform the most minor character into an unstoppable warrior. However, if used too often, the side effects will either cripple the wielder or kill them. I like this type of power because it not only makes the character immensely strong and fast, but it also adds a deeper sense of vulnerability to them as they are ripped apart by their own power. One of my characters in my new superhero series will have multiple abilities and when they use these abilities at the same time, they acquire this kind of crippling power. I am eager to write this out!