As I mentioned in some of my previous posts, my Viking ancestors performed a version of slavery known as Thralldom. Whenever Vikings went raiding and conquering, they would take captives to serve as their slaves or thralls. In some cases, captives were not taken as slaves. If the captive in question was a child, the Vikings would adopt them into their own families. Considering my father’s side of the family is largely Irish, it is possible our Irish ancestors were taken by our Viking ancestors either as thralls or as adopted war orphans. I am thinking of including a variation of thralldom in my spin-off fantasy series. When the invaders come, they will seize as many children they can get their hands on. Some will be used as hostages to ensure the loyalty of the freshly conquered barons, others will be adopted into the fold, and the rest will be trained into soldiers that would serve as cannon fodder.

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