In every superhero story, there comes a time in which a superhero makes their debut to the world. Before this debut, they undergo a series of changes. I am not just talking about getting their powers. I am also talking about the hardships they endure as they come to terms with their new lifestyle. After conquering these hardships and putting on their masks for the first time, their lives as mere mortals end and their lives as gods among mortals begins. When they reveal themselves to the world by fighting their first villains, doing minor good deeds like saving a cat out of a tree, or simply flying and leaping between buildings, they are displaying a powerful message to the public. That message states, “I am here! I am your savior!” At that moment, the human in a superhero dies and the hero in them lives! I am planning to depict something similar in my new superhero series when my main characters make their debut as superheroes.

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