Like real life medieval times, my fantasy world of Gradaia has its own views and laws regarding inheritance and bastardy. With bastardy, even though children would be illegitimate and having them would be regarded as a social disgrace, they would still be part of a noble family’s line of succession. For example, if one parent’s last name is more prestigious than the other, then the illegitimate children would inherit that parent’s last name and become part of that family’s line of succession. If a noble dies and leaves no legitimate heirs from their own blood, then one of the illegitimates are chosen through an election. Depending on how far in the line of succession they are in, illegitimates have the option to break off from the main bloodline to form cadet branches with their own wealth, titles, and lands. The way Gradaian bastards inherit is similar to how William the Conqueror became Duke of Normandy. When the previous Duke of Normandy died without a legitimate heir, his illegitimate son, William, became his successor.

Another aspect of inheritance that is focused on gender. In real life medieval times, male heirs were preferable over female ones. However, in Gradaia, the laws of inheritance favor the eldest heir regardless of gender. If a wife’s last name is more prestigious than her husband’s, then her children and husband will inherit her last name.


I watched the first episode and trailers of the fifth season of Gotham and I look forward to seeing Jeremiah complete his transformation into the Joker. Based on what I have seen, it looks like Jeremiah will become even crazier than he was last season such as laughing more often and displaying more theatrics. On a map of Gotham City’s current state, it was revealed that every supervillain has carved out their own chunk of territory and are defending them to the death. However, when Harley Quinn snuck into the room, she drew a smily face with a mouth that said “HA HA HA”. This implies that Jeremiah is the true ruler of Gotham City’s criminal underworld and is seemingly ruling from the shadows. Later in the season, we will see Jeremiah fight Bruce Wayne within the Ace Chemical building, right above some vats of chemicals. This is obviously a reference to the Joker’s origin story in the Tim Burton Batman film. In that film, the man who would become the Joker fell into a vat of chemicals, which resulted in him becoming the Joker. With this in mind, it is obvious that Bruce is going to knock Jeremiah into one of those vats of chemicals, which will result in his completed transformation into the Joker. I hope this is what will happen because it was such a letdown when Jerome died.



In the books of A Song of Ice and Fire, it was mentioned that the original Night’s King had a consort. With this in mind, I heard a literally chilling rumor that Cersei Lannister will become the new Night Queen. When you think about it, it is not as unusual as you might think. The reason for this is because even if she gets the Golden Company, amasses more wildfire, and builds more anti-dragon scorpions, she is hopelessly and hilariously outnumbered and outgunned by both the Starks/Targaryens and the White Walkers. When her attempts to fight both factions continue to fail, she will become desperate enough to literally sell her soul to the devil. Becoming the Night King’s new consort would be the only way she could escape defeat and hold onto what little power she has left. She is definitely crazy and desperate enough to pull something like that off.



One of the most famous English leaders is the Anglo-Saxon king known as Alfred the Great. In the 9th century, the Viking host known as the Great Heathen Army invaded the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of England. One by one, the kingdoms of England fell to the Viking horde until only Wessex remained. The king of Wessex, Alfred, resisted the Vikings for years and was nearly killed in an ambush on Christmas Eve. With most of his army dead, Alfred and his remaining warriors turned into a guerrilla force that hunted the Vikings down. The Viking corpses that littered the countryside proved to the Anglo-Saxon that even though he was weakened Alfred was still a strong leader. This convinced many Anglo-Saxons to provide a new army for Alfred. Eventually, Alfred defeated the Vikings in the Battle of Edington, forcing them to flee to Alfred’s captured palace. Instead of laying siege to the palace, Alfred and his army sat outside and feasted in front of the Vikings, which proved to be an effective form of psychological warfare. With no food or ale left in the palace, the Vikings were demoralized and starved out. Instead of executing the defeated Vikings, Alfred released the Vikings on the condition that they converted into Christianity. With the Vikings crushed and all the other Anglo-Saxon monarchies annihilated, Alfred became the first king of ALL of England. I am thinking of basing the main character of a new fantasy series on Alfred the Great.


Due to poor healthcare, it was common in medieval times for some babies to be either stillborn, miscarried, or died young. For example, when Edward I was married to Eleanor of Castile, they had sixteen children yet only seven reached adulthood and had children of their own. The rest of their children were stillbirths, miscarriages, or died young. Every dynasty suffered such tragedies since the dawn of time. The monarchs are not only experiencing parental grief, they are also personally devastated because each of those dead children was a potential heir to the throne who died before their time. In some cases, these tragedies can seal the fate of dynasties. For example, Henry VIII had two daughters and a sickly son as his legitimate heirs and the rest of his legitimate heirs died young or before they are born. As a result, Edward VI (Henry VIII’s son) died young without issue, Mary I AKA Bloody Mary died of cancer and without issue, and Elizabeth I died unmarried and without issue. Due to these factors and the loss of so many potential heirs, the Tudor Dynasty died out after a mere century of ruling England. In order to stay faithful to medieval standards and to include some emotional trauma and conflict for my characters, I will be including these kinds of tragedies in my third fantasy book.


Yesterday, I had an unexpected idea for my third fantasy book. I thought of a sex scene involving the main character and his love interest. This is a type of scene I have never written before. Normally, I only hint at such actions in the story, but I never directly describe the action taking place. Now, I am thinking of moving outside my comfort zone to explore new ways for my writing to evolve. The challenge of writing a sex scene is to get your point across without getting too graphic and steamy. The scene I have in mind will focus on the sensory and emotional elements of sex instead of directly depicting it. It will be an interesting scene to tinker with and I will keep you updated on how it goes.


I had an interesting thought about my main character’s development in my third fantasy book. When he is crowned Emperor, he will be in his minority and unable to rule under his own power until he reaches his eighteenth birthday. Therefore, he will have an opportunity to learn how to rule, starting with a cluster of minor baronies. By ruling these baronies, he will learn how to manage his own court. If he can’t rule a bunch of minor nobles, what chance does he have to rule an entire Empire?