Due to poor healthcare, it was common in medieval times for some babies to be either stillborn, miscarried, or died young. For example, when Edward I was married to Eleanor of Castile, they had sixteen children yet only seven reached adulthood and had children of their own. The rest of their children were stillbirths, miscarriages, or died young. Every dynasty suffered such tragedies since the dawn of time. The monarchs are not only experiencing parental grief, they are also personally devastated because each of those dead children was a potential heir to the throne who died before their time. In some cases, these tragedies can seal the fate of dynasties. For example, Henry VIII had two daughters and a sickly son as his legitimate heirs and the rest of his legitimate heirs died young or before they are born. As a result, Edward VI (Henry VIII’s son) died young without issue, Mary I AKA Bloody Mary died of cancer and without issue, and Elizabeth I died unmarried and without issue. Due to these factors and the loss of so many potential heirs, the Tudor Dynasty died out after a mere century of ruling England. In order to stay faithful to medieval standards and to include some emotional trauma and conflict for my characters, I will be including these kinds of tragedies in my third fantasy book.

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