Great news! I just submitted one of my poems for my university’s literary magazine. I will find out if I got in or not soon and I will keep you updated.

Here is the poem I submitted:

“Chicken crackles inside a metallic bowl.

The sonic sparks send ripples across the kitchen.

Each pop makes the customer’s mouth water.

The noise intensifies as the meat fries.


When the meat flips into the air,

The sizzle briefly turns to a whisper.

When it falls into the pan once more,

The sizzle returns to fill my ears with bliss.


Upon leaving the searing wok pan,

The orange chicken slides into a bowl.

The harmonious sizzling remains,

To entertain my senses with anticipation.


Finally, as I bite into the crackling, fried meat

The sizzle churns in my mouth as the chicken

Is chewed before being swallowed.

Inside my bottomless stomach, the sizzling continues.”

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