In the future fantasy book that will revolve around the reign of Numen the Slayer’s grandson, I thought of something that would create an explosive beginning to the story. There are times in which when a previous ruler dies and a new, untested one succeeds them that rebellion breaks out afterwards. The seeds of resentment planted by The War of the Gilded Beasts will bear fruit. I have taken inspiration from the machinations of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick AKA the Kingmaker. After falling out with Edward IV, Warwick engineered a series of rebellions against his king. Some of these rebellions failed and some succeeded. The first of these rebellions was started by spreading rumors that the king’s in-laws were stealing tax money at the kingdom’s expense. These rumors erupted into revolt in northern England. Warwick fanned the flames even further by publishing an open letter that repeated the accusations against Edward IV’s in-laws and invited anyone who shared his views to rebel against the king. I can definitely see a potential story unfolding with this idea.


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