As Star Wars Episode IX draws closer, I brainstorm on what will happen next in the Star Wars universe. Obviously, Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren will be defeated and that will leave us wondering what will happen next. In order for there to be balance in the Force, the resurgence of the Jedi must be balanced by the rise of another group of dark side practitioners. The Sith may have died with Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, but I think there will be ways for the Sith to be reborn just like in the Legends Universe.

To begin with, Star Wars Rebels revealed how Sith Holocrons can be found and used to learn dark side knowledge and techniques. Ezra Bridger learned how to completely control a person’s mind as well as draw strength from his rage. It is likely that there are other Sith holocrons yet to be discovered, especially in the Sith’s home world of Moraband. If someone somewhere discovers a Sith Holocron, it is possible that someone will learn the knowledge and power that is inside and become a Sith.

In the Aftermath book series, we were introduced to a Sith cult known as the Acolytes of the Beyond, who collected Sith artifacts such as lightsabers and masks. Even though their owners are long dead, the artifacts still have a strong dark side essence imprinted on them. This essence is still strong enough to possess an unsuspecting victim and turn them to the dark side. One Acolyte wore a Sith mask and wielded a Sith lightsaber, which drove her into a dark side rage. We do not know if the Acolytes have any connection with the Knights of Ren nor do we know what their fate is during the Sequel Trilogy. Like real life terrorist cells, I believe that even if the Jedi and New Republic manage to wipe out most of the Acolytes, it is possible that the Acolytes will reform when enough time passes. If the Acolytes become more refined dark side practitioners and get their hands of more powerful Sith artifacts, then it is possible that they could become a new generation of Sith.

The corrupting nature of Sith artifacts was made apparent in the Lando comics. When Lando Calrissian and his companions highjacked Emperor Palpatine’s personal yacht, they came upon his collection of Sith artifacts. Within moments, some members of Lando’s crew became corrupted and possessed by the dark side essence of the artifacts. Even though they may not be true Sith, Sith artifacts would have the potential to turn unsuspecting victims into dark side driven murderers.

The ancient Sith Lord known as Momin was able to preserve his essence in his mask. Whenever someone wore the mask, Momin’s spirit was able to possess them and take control of their bodies. Even though Momin claimed that he could not use the Force while possessing someone, he was still able to open a portal into the dark side in order to resurrect his physical body. So even though they may not be as powerful as they were in life, a Sith spirit can still call on the dark side to a certain degree while possessing someone. It is possible that Momin may not have been the only Sith Lord who cheated death in this fashion. If another Sith mask with a Sith spirit exists somewhere in the galaxy and possesses someone, they could pass their knowledge to a collection of apprentices and acolytes. Through this method, the Sith could rise again with the wielder of the mask being the new Dark Lord of the Sith.

Overall, I don’t think we have seen the last of the Sith. If we have another trilogy that takes place after the Sequel Trilogy, we may see the Sith rise like a dark phoenix from the ashes. There can be no light without darkness to balance it. That is the fundamental law in the Star Wars lore regarding the nature of the Force. I hope my theories are right and I look forward to finding out.

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