While writing my revised and expanded Kaiju story, I brainstormed and researched on how the world would react if Kaiju were real. How would the human race cope with the fact that god-sized monsters roamed the Earth? I can imagine that we would feel like ants under their feet. The film Shin Godzilla probably depicted the most realistic reaction of how a nation would react to a Kaiju attack. Like any natural disaster, there would be a lot of bureaucracy that would slow down the government’s response. However, since a Kaiju would be something no government ever faced before, I can imagine their reaction to be even slower than usual because they would have no idea how to respond. The economy and trade would be thrown into disarray and insurance companies would go bankrupt as the threat of Kaiju grows. With few resources available due to lack of stable trade, people would resort to tribalism and survival of the fittest mindsets to survive as they turn on one another. Some may develop cults that worship Kaiju as gods while others would perceive Kaiju as a sign of the Apocalypse. Overall, the coming of the Kaiju would bring all-out chaos to the world and I plan to explore it in my revised story.


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