After watching the second Godzilla anime film and the trailer for the upcoming third one, I started having doubts about the credibility of the series. I expected to see Mecha-Godzilla to appear and fight Godzilla like the good old days, but I ended up seeing Mecha-Godzilla’s remains and it somehow transformed into a city made of nanotechnology. Now, King Ghidorah has been portrayed as a serpentine beast made from cosmic energy and looked nothing like his original three-headed dragon we all know and love.

However, after much thought, I finally understand what the filmmakers were trying to accomplish by reinventing the classical Kaiju we have known for decades. With Godzilla, they not only made him King of the Monsters, but also the undisputed ruler of planet Earth. To be the ruler of Earth, Godzilla was made into a colossal plant in order to become one with the planet he rules with an iron fist. With Mecha-Godzilla, it is not a Kaiju but a machine. No machine is more advanced than nanotechnology. Essentially, Mecha-Godzilla evolved into a nanite city equivalent of the Death Star. With King Ghidorah, its original version has been known as a cosmic destroyer of worlds. To become a true destroyer of worlds, King Ghidorah should not be limited to a physical body and have a form made from the most destructive energy in the known universe.

Overall, the point that the Godzilla anime trilogy highlighted was that Kaiju are far more than just giant monsters and living natural disasters. They are gods made flesh! When a Kaiju undergoes enough evolution, then they transcend their previous limitations. Each of the classical Kaiju we all grew up with had reached the zenith of their respective evolutions in this anime trilogy. With this knowledge, I have come to accept the changes Toho have made to the classical Kaiju and look forward to which direction they will go in the future.

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