One of the costliest castles in Britain was Warwick Castle. The reason for this was because its wealth was almost entirely dependent on its owners’ service and loyalty to the English monarchy. It was a castle that was built on the spoils of war. In peace time, it was virtually impossible to maintain. When the castle’s wealth was high, family members often buried themselves in tombs trimmed with gold. Strategically, Warwick Castle controlled all the roads leading to Wales and Scotland. It was originally built by William the Conqueror as a motte-and-bailey castle before replacing it with a stone fortress. The favorite of Edward II, Piers Gaveston, was condemned by a kangaroo court within the castle’s walls. There was even a section of the dungeon that involved sealing a person under the castle and leave them to die. To make this prison worse, the cell was positioned under the castle privy so it was a combination between a prison cell and a sewer. It was easily the worst kind of prison for a person to die in. The last Earl of Warwick to live in the castle was a movie star from the 1930s and the only way he could pay for the castle’s expenses was through his film career. Eventually, the castle became too expensive to maintain and the castle was sold and made into a tourist attraction. I will be drawing inspiration from this castle for my fantasy series.

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