Caernarfon Castle was one of the many castles Edward I constructed to consolidate his hold on Wales. It was not only used to symbolize English dominion over Wales, but it also symbolized the alteration of the title “Prince of Wales”. Before Edward I came along, the Prince of Wales was the title given to the ruler of Wales. After Edward’s conquest, it became the title for the heir apparent to the English throne. Edward I’s successor Edward II was born within Caernarfon’s walls. During the Welsh Revolt in the 1400s, the castle faced a siege from Welsh rebels. The castle garrison numbered only 28 men and they drove away the rebels after slaying 300 of them. Because all of the castle’s windows were arrow slits, the invaders had no idea how many defenders they were facing. Caernarfon Castle last saw battle during the English Civil War and repairs were neglected until the 19th century. In more recent history, Caernarfon Castle was where Prince Charles was crowned Prince of Wales. I have several ideas for castles based on this fortress in future fantasy works.

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