As you are aware, my new fantasy book will have multiple Arthurian references in it. Even though the characters and events will be original with their own names and characteristics, they will be loosely based on Arthurian legend. The main character would be based on King Arthur himself, his parents would be based on Uther Pendragon and Igraine, his love interest would be a mixture between Merlin and Guinevere, his sword Gramfyre would be based on Excalibur, his stepfather and siblings would be based on Sir Ector, Kay, and Morgan le Fay, his closest companions would be based on the Knights of the Round Table, his dragons would be based on the red and white Arthurian dragons, and the villain would be based on the tyrant Vortigern. One could argue that this new fantasy book would be another interpretation of the Arthurian legend in all but name. However, I will be including my own dark spin on it and make the main characters a band of anti-heroes and give more humanity to the villain than I normally do.

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