After examining the Scottish War of Independence, I discovered many of the factors that defined both sides of the war. Let us start with England. England’s population was six times larger than Scotland’s, which meant that the Scots would always be outnumbered. England’s lands were also wealthier and more fertile, which meant they had access to high class armor and weapons as well as have enough food to feed their armies. Despite these advantages, the Scots had several advantages of their own. They knew the terrain of their country better than the English ever could and could use the terrain in their favor. The Scots also utilized unorthodox methods to fight such as the schiltron spear wall formation as well as guerrilla warfare and hit-and-run tactics. With these factors, the Scots had the ability to counter the numerical and economic disadvantages they had against the English. For my spin-off fantasy book, I am thinking of modelling several of these factors in the new war.

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