In the aftermath of The Death of Superman, we were introduced to four new so-called “Supermen”: Superboy, Steel, the Eradicator, and Cyborg Superman. Even though each of these characters claimed to be the new Superman, I noticed that each of them represents a particular aspect of the original Superman. Superboy is how Superman would have turned out if he was raised by the Kardashians instead of the Kents. Superboy symbolizes the part of Superman who loves the spotlight as well as the fame and glory that comes from being a hero. Steel AKA John Henry Irons is a man wearing a mechanical power suit and a war hammer. Because Steel is a normal human, it would safe to say that he represents Superman’s humanity. The Eradicator is a Kryptonian artificial intelligence and is essentially Spock on a truckload of steroids. The Eradicator represents the Kryptonian or inhuman part of Superman. Cyborg Superman AKA Hank Henshaw symbolizes Superman’s power because his Kryptonian DNA made him strong while his cybernetics made him even stronger. Overall, because Superman was such a model superhero, there are bound to be others who are willing to take up his mantle and carry on his legacy.

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