NTSschiltron 750_tcm4-562327

One of the most iconic battle tactics from the Scottish War of Independence was the schiltron spear wall formation. It operated in a similar fashion to the Spartan phalanx and the viking shield wall. However, this formation only consists of spears and no shields. Each person in the schiltron wielded a twelve foot long spear and if one person falters the whole formation is compromised. Even if you parry one spear, you still have dozens of its neighbors to deal with. In the Battle of Stirling Bridge, the Scots used the schiltron to inflict massive casualties on the English. By the time the battle was over, the English lost more than half their army. The schiltron has been described as being similar to the quills on a hedgehog. I am thinking of including the schiltron in my spin-off fantasy series and it will be used to deadly effect.

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