I am brainstorming on what kind of weapons the main characters of my spin-off fantasy series should have. Since the main character will be a blacksmith, he can modify ordinary tools into makeshift weapons. For example, the billhook is such a simple design for a polearm that any blacksmith can make it. Second, a woodcutter axe can be modified by welding a spike in the back of the blade, which can puncture armor and chainmail. Third, a blacksmith hammer can be modified so that it would have a spike on one end of its head and teeth to bite into armor on the other. Fourth, a sickle can be modified into a more robust design that could puncture armor and maim limbs. Fifth, a flail can be made more compact and have its head encased in steel for harder blows and it would be less likely to break on impact. Sixth, a simple wooden club can be fitted with steel spikes, which can increase injury in combat. These are just a few examples I have in mind for the characters’ arsenal.

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