I noticed that overpowered protagonists are a common theme in anime and manga. These characters are so strong and so skilled that they can defeat most opponents with ease. Personally, I am not overly fond of such characters. If you make the protagonist too powerful, there will be few obstacles that you can offer them. Also, it would make them seem more human is they lost every once in a while instead of winning nearly every battle. In my superhuman series, I will be doing my own version of this theme with a character who is potentially overpowering, but they start out as weak novices. When enough time passes and their control and mastery over their powers grow, then they will be overpowered. The road to being overpowered will be long and full of obstacles, but I think it would be more interesting than making my protagonist overpowered from the start.



One power I am thinking of including in my superhuman series is what I call “damage empowerment”. With damage empowerment, you would become stronger, faster, and more durable the more you are injured. Whenever you sustain an injury, your body will regenerate and your body will become more empowered. The greater the injury, the more powerful you will become. I am thinking of giving one of the main characters this power. They will be grievously injured repeatedly, but they will become one of the strongest characters as a result.


After watching The Incredibles 2, I noticed something familiar in the hero/villain relationship of Elastigirl and Screenslaver. Their hero/villain relationship reminded me of Superman and Lex Luther. Like Elastigirl and Screenslaver, they were initially friends, but became bitter enemies. Superman/Elastigirl is the superpower idealist while Lex Luther/Screenslaver is a genius inventor and billionaire. Like Lex Luther, Screenslaver viewed superheroes in general as a threat to humanity and uses Elastigirl’s weakness (freezing) against her just as Lex Luther routinely uses Kryptonite against Superman. I like how Disney and Pixar reinvented these classical superhero references while making the film and I hope they do it again in the next one.


In my new superhuman series, I am thinking of toning down the powers of the superhumans. Instead of making the powers immensely strong from the beginning, I will have them start small and grow over time. For example, if you have telekinesis, you would start out moving objects as small as coins, keys, and spoons, but gradually you would become powerful enough to move mountains with constant use. Let me know what you think.


I have been observing events for some time, analyzing the landscape and taking in the facts, and reaching conclusions. I am concerned about what is happening to both my country and the world at large. To begin with, I am concerned about the consequences Trump’s so-called “fake news” nonsense. At his latest rally, he has whipped his supporters into a frenzy and there were hints that they wanted to attack reporters because they were brainwashed by Trump’s nonsense about the media. As an autism ambassador, I have a decent understanding of the inner workings of the human mind. When you whip a bunch of people into a frenzy, you can get them to do anything, including attacking reporters. Some of these rallies even took special precautions to protect reporters in case the crowd wanted blood.

It’s not just reporters that are in danger because of Trump’s war on the media. I learned that a rancher in Texas attacked anti-Trump protestors with a gun because he was brainwashed by Trump’s “fake news” nonsense. The protestors were trying to launch a balloon that said, “You are not alone” in Spanish in order to let the separated children know they had the protestors’ support. They were trying to help the children and give them hope and this brainwashed man attacked them because he accepted Trump’s “fake news” nonsense. This is how the truth dies in America, with a tyrant’s propaganda.

This is the dark genius behind Trump’s war on the media. He has lied so much and manipulated people’s views so greatly that he is effectively slowly turning America against itself. Some may ask how this happened. Well, Hitler once said “people swallow lies easily if they are big enough”. Mentioning Hitler may be extreme, but there are clear similarities between how he and Trump use propaganda and misinformation to brainwash their citizens. I am terrified about what is going to happen to the world around me as Trump continues to create chaos and disorder with his silver tongue.