I have started the sixth chapter of my new superhero series and it will revolve around the weak character and how he adopts to his growing weakness in a cruel world. This will also be where I introduce members of a futuristic terrorist organization. Overall, this chapter will represent the vulnerability of the human heart.


I am thinking of including clips from the media in my new superhero series, which will depict on how certain important figures feel regarding the rise of both superheroes and superhumans in general. I got the idea from how there were news clips being shown in The Dark Knight Returns, where several important figures debate about their personal feelings and analysis about Batman. I watch a lot of news so it should not be hard at all to find suitable inspiration for my new project. Instead of smart phones and regular televisions, these shows will be seen through holographic display screens.


I have a collection of sad news to share with all of you. I have been keeping you all out of the loop lately on the status of many of my projects. The Young Guardians Series has been discontinued and is on indefinite hiatus. The reason for this is because the series has lost its flavor for me as an engaging writing project and I felt that the later novels were all over the place in terms of the story. In addition, all of the spin-off stories and short stories have been cancelled. The graphic novel attempts have ended in failure because my artists broke their contracts and I was unable to master the writing style necessary to write a graphic novel script. Overall, I became far too ambitious and tackled obstacles that were too big for me to scale. Therefore, I have decided to keep my ambitions and projects small to a scale I can manage and where my writing is at its strongest. Also, I am recycling the Young Guardians’ Sequel Series by converting it into my latest superhero series. It will not be related to The Young Guardians at all. Instead, it will be its own unique universe. Wish me luck!



Easily one of the most famous hero/villain relationships in the superhero genre would be Batman and the Joker. For years, these two have battled one another in the streets of Gotham City. In addition to being a famous relationship, I find that their relationship is also quite more complex than a regular hero/villain relationship. The Joker’s greatest weakness is that he cannot imagine a world without Batman. The Mark Hamill Joker said, “Without Batman, crime has lost its punchline.” The Heath Ledger Joker said, “I won’t kill you because you are too much fun.” In the Batman animated series, the Joker thought Batman was dead and threw a funeral for his nemesis. In the Dark Knight Returns, when Batman disappeared into retirement, the Joker lost his will to live became catatonic, but when Batman returned, the Joker was back to his old self. Batman, on the other hand, has no such obsession with the Joker. There are even times when Batman toys with the idea of killing the Joker. In The Dark Knight Returns, during his final battle with the Joker, Batman said, “All the people I murdered by letting you live.” Batman feels responsible for every death the Joker causes because he spares him every time. However, he does not kill the Joker because he knows there would be no turning back. The Joker is like a twisted reflection of what Bruce Wayne could have been when he witnessed his parents’ murder. Overall, Batman and the Joker are the best and most complex examples of how superheroes and supervillains interact with one another.



In the documentary Superheroes Decoded, I learned that superheroes also reflected the darkest times in American history such as Watergate. There was a comic where Captain America fought a supervillain in the White House and when he unmasked the supervillain, it was revealed to be the President of the United States himself. This made Steve Rogers lose all faith in America as a country and resulted in him renouncing the name “Captain America” and adopting the alias known as the “Nomad”, a man without a country. In my new superhero series, I am thinking of doing something similar to reflect the dark times we are facing under Trump. I have a strong feeling that the Trump fiasco is going to be bigger and messier than Watergate ever was. The reason for this is because Nixon resigned when he had the chance while Trump is willing to hold onto his power until the bitter end regardless of the consequences that will ensue. That would make a good story to model on as I write.


I have reached the fifth chapter of my new superhuman series and this is where the dominos begin to fall. I decided for a play to take place in this chapter and I drew inspiration from my drama class days in high school. The whole writing process did bring back memories of my days on the stage. One of the characters will make their status as a superhuman public in the most extreme way possible.



One of the most disturbing superhuman powers would probably be the hive mind. A hive mind is when a single consciousness inhabits multiple bodies at the same time. Bees and ants have this ability and it makes them more organized and coordinated than a normal army where everyone has a mind of their own. I am thinking of creating a character who possesses a hive mind and it will allow them to commit multiple actions at the same time.