In The War of the Gilded Beasts, I depicted a battle that was outside of the box. In this battle, a fleet of 1,000 longships and 200 war galleys, which carried an army of around 20,000 strong, was sailing around Gradaia in an attempt to lay siege to the capital, Chrysos. However, they sail into a school of giant plankton eating fish. Then swarms of sea monsters such as Megalodons, Tylosaurs, and Krakens start to feed on the giant fish and fleet alike. I got the idea for this from when great white sharks attack surfers because they think they are seals. By attacking the fleet, the sea monsters think the ships are the giant fish they are preying on. It becomes a feeding frenzy and a fight for survival. This setback creates serious consequences for the side that is in control of the fleet and plays a role in the endgame of the entire war.

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