I have a collection of sad news to share with all of you. I have been keeping you all out of the loop lately on the status of many of my projects. The Young Guardians Series has been discontinued and is on indefinite hiatus. The reason for this is because the series has lost its flavor for me as an engaging writing project and I felt that the later novels were all over the place in terms of the story. In addition, all of the spin-off stories and short stories have been cancelled. The graphic novel attempts have ended in failure because my artists broke their contracts and I was unable to master the writing style necessary to write a graphic novel script. Overall, I became far too ambitious and tackled obstacles that were too big for me to scale. Therefore, I have decided to keep my ambitions and projects small to a scale I can manage and where my writing is at its strongest. Also, I am recycling the Young Guardians’ Sequel Series by converting it into my latest superhero series. It will not be related to The Young Guardians at all. Instead, it will be its own unique universe. Wish me luck!

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