I saw this video that reminded me of how my pit bulls interact with my miniature poodle. In this video, a demonic chihuahua picks a fight with a pit bull, but the pit bull is being such a sweetheart and good sport as the little creature pesters him. This is just like how my miniature poodle acts alpha towards my pit bulls. She would growl and snap at them, but my pit bulls (God love them) remain good as gold and give her kisses. My poodle’s nasty attitude earned her the nickname “queen bitch from hell”.

One thought on “DEMON CHIHUAHUA”

  1. The Chihuahuas do not fare well in extreme cold. So, if you live in an area where the temperature dips on a regular basis. It is safe to carry a sweater outdoors and a few extra blankets with the house will not harm anyone. This breed does not have a fat layer on them or a heavy and dense coat. This is one of the prime reasons that you will see your pet shivering in the cold.

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