Two concepts of science fiction I have been interested in are nanotechnology and cyborgs. Individually, they are fascinating examples of technology and robotics, but I have been thinking of a way to combine the two together. I am familiar with cyborgs that have machine parts grafted to them, but I think the use of nanotechnology would be even more radical and advanced than normal prosthetics. A cyborg by definition is either an organism with machine parts or a machine with organic parts. With a nanite cyborg, I am envisioning organic cells being interlinked with the nanites or whole organs being in the mass of nanites in order to provide a form of bioelectricity and heat to power the nanites. When such a cyborg eats, the food would not only be used to replenish its organic cells and organs, but the waste could be used by the nanites to make even more nanites. Such a composition would create a symbiotic relationship with both the nanites and the organic cells. However, because nanotechnology is such a difficult form of technology to counter, I will be placing a special weakness that could kill or deactivate the cyborg. One of the main characters of my superhuman series will be a nanites cyborg and there will be others as the series progresses.


I started watching the anime, One Punch Man, which depicted an overpowered superhero who could literally defeat any and every opponent with a single punch. When I first heard about this anime, I was initially reluctant to watch it because I normally don’t like protagonists that were overpowered. After watching the first six episodes, I rather like One Punch Man because it has a sublime sense of humor and was a nice parody on the superhero genre. In the superhero genre, the hero always defeats the villain in the end, but it does not often explore what happens after the fight. One Punch Man was a clever satire on this idea and it reminded me of Popeye, who I loved when I was a kid. Also, this story also explores the conflict of a character with godly power who suffers from an existential crisis and a desire to find a worthy opponent. There was even one joke in the anime that highlights that despite all that strength, all that power, and being able to defeat any and every monster and villain with a single punch, the main character could not kill a little mosquito. I would recommend One Punch Man to anyone who is seeking a stunning parody on the superhero genre.


I have good news! After I am done with my second fantasy book, I still have about five more books planned. Based on my progress in the past two years, I am thinking of attempting to write, edit, and publish one new book a year. This is a big undertaking, but I am eager for the challenge. Wish me luck in the years to come and I will try not to disappoint you.



In Numen the Slayer, the weapon of choice for King Robar Baal was the falchion in addition to a cleaver. At first, I thought there was only one type of falchion, but now I discover that there were multiple variants of the weapon. To give you an idea of what Robar’s falchion looked like, I provided this picture. This picture is of a French two-handed falchion. I first saw this weapon in Forged in Fire’s Knife or Death. Due to its jagged spine, this falchion variant looked like an ideal weapon for a villain, which was perfect for Robar. So Robar’s falchion would look like this weapon except its blade would be made of black Ferruman steel that glitters silver. Even though this weapon usually requires the use of two hands, Robar is physically strong enough to wield it one-handed alongside his cleaver.



From the late 13th century to the early 14th century, France was at war with the Flanders. Because France was a military superpower in the Middle Ages, you might think that the Flemish stand no chance against them. However, the Flemish peasants and militia had a secret weapon up their sleeve, the goedendag. The goedendag was a large spiked club that could impale, hammer, and slash. The word “goedendag” means “good day”, which implies that the Flemish had a sense of humor when it comes to fighting. It allowed the Flemish to defeat the heavily armed French in skirmishes such as the Battle of the Golden Spurs. I am thinking of giving these weapons a prominent appearance in the third volume of my fantasy series during a rebellion against the Imperial Crown.



Thanks to plot leaks and photos, it has pretty much been confirmed that King’s Landing will fall in the final season of Game of Thrones. Last season, Cersei made it perfectly clear that she had no intention of surrendering and would hold onto her crown until the bitter end, even in the face of Armageddon. I know Tyrion Lannister was trying to reduce the bloodshed during Daenerys’s invasion, but he was too optimistic and naive. Because of that, the destruction of King’s Landing was inevitable. Stannis Baratheon came close to taking King’s Landing in the Battle of Blackwater Bay, but Daenerys and Jon “Aegon Targaryen” Snow will clear succeed where he had failed. However, with the use of dragons and a lot more wildfire, I think this will become even more intense than the Battle of Blackwater Bay. The lion of Casterly Rock has had its fun on the Iron Throne, but the wolf of Winterfell and the dragon of Dragonstone will have their revenge at last.