I have started my first superhuman book, completing the prologue and started the first chapter. It is a fun process when I bring what I have learned of futuristic technology to bear. The prologue sets the stage for the overall setting while the first chapter depicts an average day in a futuristic world. I will keep you updated on any further developments.



Quartered heraldry has been a common practice throughout the Middle Ages. It symbolized the union of two or more noble families and serves as the personal arms of the descendants of such unions. For example, if one spouse comes from a family with a bronze bear for their sigil and the other a gold phoenix, then their new sigil would be a quartered one and it would be their children’s sigil. This can lead to the rise of cadet branches of the main bloodline. I featured such heraldry in the end of The War of the Gilded Beasts and these new noble families will be featured more prominently in the next volume.


Up until now, my fantasy series has depicted only one empire, but I am thinking of creating a FOURTH volume that will introduce a neighboring empire from across the sea to the east. Up until now, none who ventured to the eastern seas have ever returned, but what if that changes during one of the main characters’ reigns? I am thinking of basing this new empire on the Roman Empire and the Empire of Alexander the Great. In fact, I am thinking of basing the various kingdoms on the various nations of Greece that participated in the Trojan War. I am even thinking of depicting a war between these two empires that will be based on both the Trojan War and the Hundred Years War. It will be like the Middle Ages versus the Roman Empire/Ancient Greece.


Numen the Slayer got a new five star review in the United Kingdom branch of Amazon:

“I have to give this book 5 stars. The story had perfect character development, pace and motive for the villains. I was sucked into this book and took my time reading it instead of skipping through it. It made you care for Numen and Grady Brown’s attention to detail was enjoyable. I knew who people were and what they wore, it was like a detailed picture was painted for me on every page. I’m so eager to read the next book and see what happens in the empire. 10/10 for me.”


Ymir Magnus is the only daughter and youngest child of Numen the Slayer. At the beginning of the story, she is fifteen years old and somewhat of a pampered, irresponsible party girl. When the war breaks out, she is left in charge of the kingdom of Umbran and is later forced into a situation where she has to mature quickly. Like some of her brothers, Ymir is a young warrior with a lot of potential. As a Dragon Rider, she rides the green dragon known as Faxia. When creating Ymir, I named her after the primordial giant from Norse mythology and based on Anne of York, daughter of Richard Duke of York.


Vaeron Magnus is the fourth child and youngest son of Numen the Slayer. His hobbies are hunting and archery, but longs for the chance to prove himself as a worthy member of House Magnus and leave his own mark in the family legacy. He is insecure when it comes to disappointing his family and is eager to please them. His weapons of choice are his bow and arrows, a kurkuri dagger, and a longsword (all of which were forged from Ferruman ore). As a Dragon Rider, Vaeron rides the black dragon known as Nergal. When creating Vaeron, I drew inspiration from Edmund of York, son of Richard Duke of York.