In Numen the Slayer, a rebellion breaks out in the kingdom of Umbran. When King Robar Baal lays siege to House Letum’s castle of Foxden, three other noble families are spurred into action against the king. These pictures give you an idea of the heraldry of the four noble families Robar was fighting. House Letum’s heraldry is a rampant gray fox on a white field. They are a cadet branch of House Magnus and live in eastern Umbran and possess a considerable amount of political influence amongst the other barons. As King Robar besieges them, the Letums defend their castle with 400 men-at-arms. House Torren, who formed a political marriage alliance with House Letum, has a heraldry that is a silver portcullis on a blue field. They live in the northeastern region of Umbran, which is the most fertile in the kingdom. They can summon 4,000 men (1,000 cavalry, 500 archers, and 2,500 infantry) in a month, but because of the urgency for war, they managed to summon 1,000 in a few weeks (800 infantry, 100 cavalry, and 100 archers). House Marmor’s heraldry consists of a silver trident on an aqua field. They are the wealthiest family in Umbran second only to the royal family. Their lands are in the center of Umbran, which gives them access to all the major trade routes in the kingdom. They can muster around 3,000 men (2,000 infantry, 500 cavalry, and 500 archers), but do to the urgency for war, they summoned 1,000 men (600 infantry, 200 cavalry, and 200 archers). House Drada lives in the far north, where fierce predators dwell and snow is almost always constant. As a result, they are a family of hard people and the best warriors in Umbran. Their sigil are a pair of bronze battle axes in a cross on a red field. They can muster 1,000 men (500 infantry, 250 cavalry, and 250 archers), but due to the urgency for war, they summoned 500 men (300 infantry, 100 archers, and 100 cavalry). Their combined army numbered 2,500 strong, but the royal army outnumbered them more than two to one. The defiance and rebellion are based on the Barons’ War in 1215.

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