While drawing inspiration from the Peasant’s Revolt for my third fantasy book, I brainstormed on what kind of weapons the peasants would use. Due to being poorer than the nobles, the peasants would not have access to the more expensive armor and weapons like chainmail, plate armor, and swords. Therefore, I had to think of what kind of weapons they would have access to with their limited wealth and resources. Fortunately, many of the weapons the nobles used were based on everyday tools that the peasants used. For example, instead of the traditional battle axe, the peasants would resort to using a regular woodcutting axe. For legal reasons, peasants were banned to use longswords, but there are ways around this law since there are other weapons to choose from. Instead of spiked or flanged maces, the peasants would use simple wooden clubs to bludgeon their foes to death. Since daggers would be unavailable, the peasants would utilize normal hunting knives as replacements. Knights and men-at-arms would wield spiked balls on chains, but the peasants would use the original wooden version of the flail, which was originally designed to clear out undergrowth. Instead of war hammers, peasants could use the wooden mallets that builders use to erect tents or construct houses. Unlike traditional spears and polearms, the peasants would use wooden shafts from tree branches sharpened into crude spears as well as the agricultural version of the billhook, which was designed to trim trees and pick fruit out of trees. Since most citizens would have archery experience, hunting bows and arrows would be suitable weapons for the peasants to have easy access to. In terms of armor, the peasants would not have access to normal metal armor so they would have to make do with leather armor and helmets since many peasants are farmers and shepherds. As the Peasants’ Revolt proved, even though peasants can be inexperienced and green fighters at first, they can quickly become hardened with each consecutive skirmish like any other soldier. While normal levies gain training through practice, the peasants can gain it from real life, firsthand experience. In addition, with each battle fought, the peasants can scavenge the superior armor and weapons off the nobles they slay. The most important factor of all is that the peasants would greatly outnumber the nobles so what they lack in weapons and equipment they would make up for in sheer numbers. Overall, I can envision a potentially formidable rebellion breaking out in my third fantasy book.

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