I started watching the anime, One Punch Man, which depicted an overpowered superhero who could literally defeat any and every opponent with a single punch. When I first heard about this anime, I was initially reluctant to watch it because I normally don’t like protagonists that were overpowered. After watching the first six episodes, I rather like One Punch Man because it has a sublime sense of humor and was a nice parody on the superhero genre. In the superhero genre, the hero always defeats the villain in the end, but it does not often explore what happens after the fight. One Punch Man was a clever satire on this idea and it reminded me of Popeye, who I loved when I was a kid. Also, this story also explores the conflict of a character with godly power who suffers from an existential crisis and a desire to find a worthy opponent. There was even one joke in the anime that highlights that despite all that strength, all that power, and being able to defeat any and every monster and villain with a single punch, the main character could not kill a little mosquito. I would recommend One Punch Man to anyone who is seeking a stunning parody on the superhero genre.


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