I have reached the tenth chapter of my second fantasy book and things are getting rowdier. The kick-ass medieval wedding I promised will be undergoing its first reception feast. Also, one of the characters will have a crisis on their hands after an unexpected event happened earlier in the day. Overall, the plot is thickening with each day that passes and I will keep you updated on any further developments.


I have developed an interest in the concept of the death game, which has served as the main theme in stories such as Battle Royale, Hunger Games, and The Belko Experiment. In the death game, a group of people is forced into a situation where they have to fight and kill one another or face serious consequences. In each of these cases, only one person was allowed to survive the death game and would be declared the winner. I mentioned this in one of my earlier posts, I am planning to create a SUPERHUMAN DEATH GAME in my future superhuman series. In this superhuman death game, exactly one hundred superhumans would be gathered (fifty males and fifty females) and they would be placed in a hostile environment. Each of these superhumans would have their own unique set of powers, which would be the only weapons they would be allowed to use. They will each be given a day’s worth of provisions and those provisions run out they would need to find food and water from their surrounding environment. If there are not at least ten deaths in three days, ten random superhumans would be killed by the overseers of the death game. The last five surviving superhumans would be allowed to live and they will be tested on the quality of their powers, wits, and survival skills. What do you think?


After considering how dragons would have realistically evolved, I am thinking of introducing two other species of dragon in my fantasy trilogy. One species will be an aquatic species that would be inspired by sea serpents and the other would be inspired by Asian dragons. Both subspecies would be would serpentine in shape and would share similar features. The water dragon would be amphibious like a crocodile, but would be three times bigger and would neither fly or breathe fire. The land dragon can glide (not fly) and breathe fire, but it would not be as powerful as their larger cousins. The giant fire-breathing dragons can be found in the northernmost kingdoms of the Empire, but these offshoots can be found as you travel further south. Another difference between the large dragons and its smaller cousins would be that they are sentient and can talk while its cousins cannot. I think this will provide more diversity with the dragons in my series. What do you think?



In my medieval research into the Tudor Dynasty, I discovered the origin of their sigil. Throughout the War of the Roses, the red rose represented the House of Lancaster and the white rose represented the House of York. When the War of the Roses ended with Henry VII’s marriage to Elizabeth of York, he created a new sigil for his dynasty to symbolize the end of the war and the unification of York and Lancaster. The symbol consisted of the red rose of Lancaster and white rose of York combined into one rose: The Tudor Rose. For my fantasy series, I will be doing something similar in the third volume where a new sigil is created to symbolize the unification of two dynasties after a bloody civil war.



I saw Solo: A Star Wars Story and I was pleasantly surprised to see the return of a fan favorite, Darth Maul. It was revealed that during the reign of the Galactic Empire, Darth Maul was the head of the crime syndicate known as Crimson Dawn. During the Clone Wars, Darth Maul recruited multiple crime syndicates to form the Shadow Collective until his army was dismantled by Darth Sidious. Apparently, Darth Maul managed to salvage some degree of his criminal empire, but not enough to challenge Vader or Sidious. Darth Maul looked just as he did in Rebels, which meant that this took place between Revenge of the Sith and Rebels. To make Darth Maul’s reappearance even more of a treat, Ray Park reprised the physical role of Maul while Sam Witwer who voiced Maul in both Clone Wars and Rebels returned as the voice. I was also surprised to find that one of my favorite actresses, Emilia Clarke, was under Darth Maul’s thumb. This goes to show that it is easy to be enslaved by the dark side of the Force yet hard to break free even for a Mother of Dragons. Emilia Clarke showed skill in a martial art known as Teras Kasi, which is a martial art specifically made to counter armed Jedi. She learned this fighting style from Dryden Vos, second-in-command of Crimson Dawn. I think I know where they learned that martial art. Darth Maul was an infamous practitioner of Teras Kasi and was known to combine it with his lightsaber skills to make himself twice as deadly.



I just finished the eighth chapter of my second fantasy book and started the ninth chapter. I worked on the rehearsal dinner as well as the first interactions between the brides and grooms. It was an enjoyable process and I am making considerable progress in writing this project. Now I am about to start writing the beginning of the kick-ass wedding I promised you. It is going to be fantastic and I will be drawing inspiration from Prince Harry’s royal wedding. I will keep you updated on any further developments.