What would the Earth look like five thousand years from now if everything that is wrong today was taken to the highest level? With global warming, pollution, and nuclear war, I think Earth would become a dead graveyard planet. Sea levels would rise to the point in which few large land masses remain due to the polar ice caps being destroyed. The water would be so polluted and putrid that it would be black and sludgy. There would be ruins from human civilization such as cities with skeletons that turn to dust when you touch them. The atmosphere would have more carbon dioxide and no oxygen due to the complete absence of plants. There would be life at all, not even bacteria. Overall, Earth would become the embodiment of death itself. I am thinking of elaborating on this when I depict the dystopian future in my superhuman series.

2 thoughts on “A DEAD PLANET”

  1. Thats to say that the planet didnt go through another extinction level event and wipe the surface of human life. Mother nature has a way of ridding itself of things that hurt the planet.

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