As I contemplate the outline of my superhuman series, I wonder how I should write the story. I am thinking of giving it an anime/manga feel to my readers. I am even thinking of including names of locations, individuals, and techniques in Japanese to try and stay faithful to the manga tradition. However, anime and manga are usually required to be visually seen so I needed to find a loophole to get around this limitation. I, therefore, turned my attention to light novels, which are versions of manga that are written as actual books. With this in mind, I will model the format of my superhuman series on that of a light novel. That way I can write like I usually do while maintaining the manga feel I am aiming for. What do you think?


I saw another video from Stan Lee’s Superhumans where a man slices through a gun pellet moving at 200 miles per hour from 50 feet away with a katana. This was truly superhuman because something that small moving that fast would be impossible for an average person to see and counter and yet this man was able to slice through it with a katana. The speed, reflexes, skill, and precision of this feat were all on superhuman levels. One of the characters in my superhuman series will be using a katana so this will give me a better idea of how that character would use it on a superhuman level.


I watched another video from Stan Lee’s Superhumans that featured a man from Scotland who can see into the future for real! His visions were so accurate that he thwarted a terrorist attack from the IRA and as a result, he was sought after by Interpol, CIA, and MI5. However, his visions did not provide a direct vision into the future as you would expect. Instead, his visions provided subtle and cryptic clues to the future and after much examination the clues fitted into the future he was presented. His visions could only be seen in dreams and they were a rather bizarre version of lucid dreaming. While sleeping, the conscious and subconscious parts of his mind are very active and he would wake up and write down clues he had seen in his visions. One could argue that the truth of precognition is stranger than fiction. I will draw inspiration from this man because this kind of precognition will provide a little mystery to the story in my superhuman series.


Because the main characters of my superhuman series are not heroes, I have decided to expand on that with one of the characters whose powers are psychic in nature. Due to the fact that their power will be mentally based, I am thinking of exploring what could happen when a psychic individual becomes psychologically strained by their own power. For instance, the character could have black-out sessions and not remembering what they were doing for hours on end. Then it will be revealed that they developed a darker split personality that uses their psychic powers to do horrendously dark things to criminals. When I think of characters using psychic powers violently, I think of Lucy in Elfen Lied and Tetsuo from Akira. In both cases, the characters used their psychic powers to maim, eviscerate, and utterly obliterate their targets. To put it in a nutshell, my character’s psychic powers will operate like a brain tumor in that it will cause unpredictable personality changes through constant use. They would be their usual self one second and the personification of evil the next, which will give this character a Jekyll and Hyde mindset. I look forward to tinkering with this character when the time comes to finally put this new project in motion.


I saw this video from Stan Lee’s Superhumans that depicts a man from India who has real-life electricity manipulation by turning himself into a human conductor! Tests showed that he is literally ten times more resistant to electrical currents than the average person and can withstand well over 700 Watts of electricity! He powered lightbulbs, a blender, and a hotplate where he fried an egg! Everything I saw in this video was completely insane! Also, an interesting thing they noted in the video is that when electricity was surging through this guy, he was temporarily blind because the electricity was glazing over his eyes. If one were to apply this in a superhuman story, then the superhuman in question would not be able to see their target when they launch an electrical attack and would either have to rely on either instinct or intense training. I will tinker with this in my superhuman series.