I had an interesting idea for when I eventually write my superhuman series. When I write the titles on the covers, I am thinking of making the name of the series in English and the subtitle of each volume to be in Japanese. I have seen this in a number of manga I read and I think I will follow this tradition when I write this new series. This will also be similar to how the characters names will be structured. The characters’ names would be a mixture between Japanese and Latin. This would be a golden opportunity for me to expand my linguistic skills after finishing my sign language class.


I had a potential new story idea for the future. I am thinking of someday write a science fiction version of Lewis and Clark. The only difference will be that instead of uncharted western America, these characters will be exploring the continent of an alien planet. I am even thinking of making it a comedy as well, which is something I do not do often with my writing. My loved ones say I have a funny sense of humor, but I think I can only access it on a subconscious level. Either way, I look forward to tinkering with this idea when I have time.


I have long imagined this scenario for my superhuman series. I imagined a powerful superhuman battling while he listens to music they like. How they would listen to this music would be unusual and unorthodox. This music would help them concentrate while fighting and they would fight while moving as though they were conducting an orchestra. Without the use of this music, this superhuman would not have the concentration to properly control their immense power. This will be similar to how I use music to help me concentrate while writing.


I thought of the ultimate culmination of my superhuman series, a war between humans and superhumans. For over five thousand years, humans would be the rulers of the known solar system. However, the introduction of superhumans would challenge the normal humans’ status as the supreme rulers. Throughout the series, a chain of events will result in an all-out war that would decide the fate of the entire solar system. Who will triumph in the end? Mere mortals living on borrowed time or empowered beings rising to prominence? Like Game of Thrones, the characters will be morally ambiguous because they are both heroes and villains at the same time.


As you are aware, I have a dark imagination as both a writer and as an overall individual. Some people avoid the darkness, but I walk towards it because I find dark things to have a sense of realism compared to more optimistic stories. I have seen countless dark things in my lifetime, both in fiction and in real life, and the darkness feels more real than the light as a result. This allowed me to incorporate dark elements into my writing; some would fascinate my readers and some to horrify them. Other authors have dark imaginations just like me such as Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, George R. R. Martin, and countless others.


I had an epic 29th birthday this year! For breakfast, my family and I had cake and ice cream. My mother’s favorite motto is “eat cake for breakfast” and she literally has a T-shirt and purse with those words on them. For lunch, we went to the Spaghetti Factory and had a luscious pasta meal. For dinner, we went to Medieval Times and watched a magnificent show! In the gift shop, I got to handle more blades. First, I handled a White Walker sword, which is a blade capable of killing a dragon! It was made of polymer instead of ice and no real edge. I also handled a falcata, which had the shape of a single-edged sword yet had the weight of a battle axe. In addition, I got to handle the Valyrian steel Catspaw Dagger from Game of Thrones. Although I found the dagger’s handle to be too crooked and unsightly ever since I started watching Game of Thrones, it was surprisingly comfortable to hold onto and easy to index the edge of the blade. I can see why some characters liked this weapon so much. Hard to believe that this dagger started the worst Westerosi¬†civil war since the Dance of the Dragons. Overall, it was an epic day to remember and I look forward to my thirtieth birthday next year.