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My Viking and Anglo-Saxon ancestors tended to celebrate inside of mead halls, which were the precursors of great halls of medieval castles. To provide you with a more vivid picture of what the interior of Magnus Keep looks like in my fantasy series, the great hall would look like a mead hall where the king of Umbran would invite their barons and knights to celebrate multiple occasions. This mead/great hall will be prominently featured in my second fantasy book especially after it was renovated.



A common beverage from the Viking and Anglo-Saxon eras is mead, which is an alcoholic drink that is seasoned with fermented honey. Because of the usage of honey, mead tends to have various levels of sweetness. I am thinking of including mead in my second fantasy book during the epic wedding that will take place at the beginning. The type of mead that I will be including will possess a fiery-sweet flavor and a heavy yet smooth texture.


For some time, I thought of including a character who is mute in my second fantasy book. They would only be able to speak in wheezing, incoherent whispers and only their family and bodyguards would be able to understand what they are saying. I got the idea of an old movie I saw years back in which an old mobster could barely speak and could only be understood by his enforcers. Like that mobster, this character will be a high-ranking individual in society. Also, this character will be wickedly frightening with a sword.


I find myself in a sad and depressing time. For several months, I have not been able to write any of my books. The reason for this is because I have been studying to complete my American Sign Language class. This class contains over two years worth of material, which means if I pass this class then I will have completed my foreign language requirements to graduate from my university. Therefore, failure is not an option in this class. As a result of the high stakes of this class, I was forced to sacrifice my writing time in order to put more effort into this class. While this does help me academically, it also robs me of my greatest passion, which leaves me in a toxic state of sadness and depression. Nothing is more pathetic than a person who is separated from their passion. However, I cannot write until Wednesday this week by nightfall. The reason for this is because even though I cannot write at this time that has not stopped me from brainstorming on how the story will progress. That means that once I start writing, I won’t be able to stop! Therefore, I have to suck it up and do whatever it takes to finish and pass the class and get it out of my life for good. Don’t worry though because you will hear a flurry of activity Wednesday night this week. Hopefully, I can get back on track and complete my writing quota on time. Wish me luck!


In my superhuman series, I will be introducing a concept I call psychic torture. When being tortured by telekinesis, the torturer can break bones like twigs, slice through flesh cleaner than any physical blade, and apply pressure to organs. With telepathy, the torturer can project nightmarish illusions or blast the subject’s mind with enough psionic energy to cause indescribable mental pain that could either kill, lobotomize, traumatize, or render the victim unconscious. Imagine a psychic torturer using all of these methods simultaneously on their target and they would do it all without any physical contact with their victim at all.


Out of all the Japanese names out there, my favorites have always been Shinji and Ryoko. Shinji sounds like the type of name you would expect from an average Joe, which feels more down to Earth than the more glorified names. I loved the name Ryoko ever since I was a kid watching Tenchi Muyo because I found the character Ryoko in that show to be the cutest of the female characters. I am thinking of including these two names prominently in my superhuman series.