Since I will be trying to give my future superhuman series a manga feel, I will be basing some of the characters after the classical types of manga characters. For example, I am thinking of making the female lead a Yandere character. A Yandere character is a character who has strong romantic feelings for another character yet is mentally unstable and engages in acts of extreme violence. It was common for many Yandere characters to be female. The two most prominent examples of Yandere I can think of are Lucy from Elfen Lied and Shiro from Deadman Wonderland. Both of these characters were deeply in love with the male leads of their respective stories and they both suffered from multiple personality disorder. In addition, both Lucy and Shiro were sadistic psychopaths who engaged in mutilation and mass murder. Personality-wise, they possessed a Jekyll and Hyde mentality with their normal personalities being gentle, innocent, and sweet while their dark sides are sadistic, cruel, and bloodthirsty. That will be the mindset I will give my female lead for my superhuman series.

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