I watched another video from Stan Lee’s Superhumans that featured a man from Scotland who can see into the future for real! His visions were so accurate that he thwarted a terrorist attack from the IRA and as a result, he was sought after by Interpol, CIA, and MI5. However, his visions did not provide a direct vision into the future as you would expect. Instead, his visions provided subtle and cryptic clues to the future and after much examination the clues fitted into the future he was presented. His visions could only be seen in dreams and they were a rather bizarre version of lucid dreaming. While sleeping, the conscious and subconscious parts of his mind are very active and he would wake up and write down clues he had seen in his visions. One could argue that the truth of precognition is stranger than fiction. I will draw inspiration from this man because this kind of precognition will provide a little mystery to the story in my superhuman series.

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