Apart from weddings and coronations, I am thinking of including other religious moments in my second fantasy book. In both film and television shows, I have seen characters kneeling before either an altar or an ornate crucifix and revealing their deepest doubts and secrets before them. In this sense, you get a better understanding of the characters than you had before. I got this sense when I watched The Tudors and the Disney version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. In all of these cases, I would hear haunting choir music in the background as the characters revealed their deepest, darkest secrets and doubts to a higher power. To get myself in the right mood, I will be using my BlueTooth to krank up haunting choir music throughout my writing studio. In this scene, I will depict a scene in which the main character kneels before an altar that displays towering statues of the five Elemental Gods and reveals his doubts and secrets to them. It will be like when Henry VII first landed in Wales before he faced Richard III. Upon reaching the Welsh beach, Henry fell to his knees, clasped his hands in prayer, and said, “Judge me, Oh Lord, and favor my cause.” This will also fit in well to the many elements of the War of the Roses I will be incorporating in my book.


I came across a video talking about a futuristic way to grow crops with no soil and 95% less water. Instead of soil, these super-crops rely on reusable sheets of fabric made from recycled plastic. Like insect farming, I can see this form of futuristic agriculture being used on a massive scale. I will be contemplating this as I continue to research and brainstorm ideas for my future superhuman series.


I mentioned this in some of my past posts, but I am interested in revisiting it. Did you know that over two billion people around the world include insects in their diet? It may seem gross to eat insects, but there is sound logic in the concept. Insects are a great source of protein and farming them requires far less water and resources than farming chickens, pigs, and cows. Most importantly, farming insects also generates a lot less green house gases than farming traditional livestock, which is far better for the environment. I came across a number of videos showing how farming insects would be possible with 21st century technology. Watching these videos got me thinking of this farming technology being used on a far larger scale. I will consider this when the time comes to write my superhuman series.



One of the first self-sustaining humanoid robots ever created was ASIMO, which was made by Honda. I thought this robot was so charming that I am thinking of including a more advanced model of ASIMO in my futuristic superhuman series. I am thinking of having these updated models act as servants, would be much more mobile, and be capable of true artificial intelligence. One of these robots will be a main supporting character and companion and I will base it on my fantasy of having my own robot butler. I even thought of a name for this robot.



One of the biggest pollution problems we face is how to safely get rid of wastewater as well as finding a renewal source of fuel and reusable water. There have been corporations and groups that have been looking for ways to convert wastewater into biofuel and reusable drinking water. It may sound disgusting, but there is method to its apparent madness plus if the environment becomes bad enough you would be desperate enough to try anything. I will tinker with this idea in the futuristic dystopian world in my superhuman series. When Ridley Scott made Blade Runner, he intentionally made the future look dirty and messy. I will follow his lead with my own project.


As many of you are aware, efforts are being made to civilization to be more environmentally friendly with our planet. Personally, they will never make the necessary changes in time. Due to this, I am thinking of setting my dystopian world in a version of Planet Earth that 95 % polluted and uninhabitable. The only inhabitable place on the entire planet would be a sealed dome megacity that is three times larger than Germany. Inside that city, humanity will finally be applying the environmentally friendly applications such as no fossil fuels, electric cars, and so on. The only catch is that these applications will only be used in everyday life AFTER the planet died.



One futurisitc weapon that is overflowing with potential is the railgun. Unlike other weapons, which rely on either gunpowder or explosives, railguns rely on electromagnetic energy to fire projectiles. This makes the weapon’s ammunition to move faster and penetrate deeper than the average missile or bullet. So far, the smallest railgun ever made is a large turret fitted to the decks of navy warships. Attempts are being made to make it even more compact yet there are some difficulties due to the use of electromagnetic energy. The first concept of a railgun as a firearm I have seen was featured in the Arnold Schwartzenegger film The Eraser, but despite its lethality it still looked clunky, unwieldy, and harder to manuever in a combat situation. For my superhuman series, I will be toying with the idea of a compact railgun as a pistol and rifle and make it the standard issue firearm of a dystopian future.


Telekinesis has always been one of the most common yet potentially most powerful superhuman ability in both science fiction and fantasy. Generally, telekinesis is the ability to manipulate matter with the mind without any physical contact. Apart from moving objects with the mind, it can be utilized in a wide variety of different ways. As Superboy from DC Comics and Sylar from Heroes demonstrated, telekinesis can be used to give its wielder superhuman strength by channeling psychokinetic energy through their muscles. Telekinesis can also give its user control over their own personal gravitational field, which would give them the ability to fly. One can also coat themselves in an invisible telekinetic force field, which would shield them from most forms of physical assault much like how Superman’s invulnerability operates. Overall, if a character is able to apply telekinesis in all of these diverse applications, they could be a force to be reckoned with.


In some of my previous posts, I discussed the possibility of a new superhuman series and included concepts of what their world would consist of. I am thinking of visiting these concepts while doing my research, but I will be discarding some of the concepts I mentioned before. I will be conducting some trial-and-error experiments to decide which concepts I should keep and which ones I should discard. I will keep you updated on any further developments.