In my earlier posts, I mentioned that in my superhuman series the future Earth would be a dead planet and the survivors would live in the only habitable place on the planet in a dome city like Logan’s Run. Now, however, I am thinking of including a colossal space habitat that encircles Earth like¬†Saturn’s rings. I have seen a documentary about how a space habitat can theoretically be constructed¬†in three-quarters of a century. I will be reexamining this documentary and other documentaries for further inspiration and information.



There are new innovations in development known as powered exoskeletons. These suits can be used for either medicinal or military purposes. With the medicinal applications, exoskeletons can be used to help patients who are physically impaired and have difficulty moving on their own. For military applications, exoskeletons can be used to augment a soldier’s durability and strength to the point in which they can lift about 700 pounds. There are rumors that machine guns, grenade launchers, or retractable blades can be fastened to them as well as body armor. With these factors, this kind of exoskeleton can turn one soldier into a one-man-army. Still, the current exoskeletons can only be controlled through the wearer’s muscle power, but if there was a neural interface that connects the suit to the wearer’s nervous system. That way the wearer’s movements would be so easy and seamless that it would be like the suit was a part of them. I will toy with this idea for my superhuman series. There will be a powered exoskeleton that will be homemade and created from salvaged or stolen technology.


When we think of time manipulation, we think of being able to control the time flow through all eras, creating alternate timelines and changing history however you want. However, I think that form of time manipulation is way too powerful, almost borderline godlike. Therefore, I am thinking of including a character with a more limited and believable form of time manipulation. They would be able to freeze, fast-forward, or rewind any event as long as it is limited to just one hour. They could freeze time for only one hour, fast-forward an hour into the future, or rewind one hour into the past. If they try to do it any longer than an hour, the strain will either leave them severely debilitated or kill them.


As I continue brainstorming for my superhuman series, I came to realize that I am in the process of creating the craziest supervillain I ever designed. Even though this individual will only appear in the first volume, I intend for him to leave a significant impression on my audience. I created supervillains such as Cyber Shadow, Fanoxean, and Vogan and they all had their complex flaws and forms of insanity and evil. However, this new villain is going to have a form of evil that is more human, which I think will make him more frightening than my previous creations. One could argue that this guy is going to be my personal Joker.



When I saw the shark in The Meg trailer, I had a Percy Shelley moment. Percy Shelley famously wrote, “I am Ozymandias, king of kings! Look upon my works ye mighty and despair!” With Megalodon, I went, “I am Megalodon, shark of sharks! Look upon my works ye mighty and despair!” Megalodon was truly the shark of sharks and I think this remade quote from Percy Shelley fits it like a slipper.



Imagine having the power to make everyone see, hear, feel, smell, and taste whatever you want them to. The types of illusions you can conjure and their intensity would be limited by your imagination and focus. You could make your opponent see a demon or a firework display among countless other things. I am thinking of including this power in my superhuman series and there will be a case in which a wielder of this power projects an illusion that is so powerful, scary, and intense that they unintentionally traumatize a few hundred people.