Imagine having the power to make everyone see, hear, feel, smell, and taste whatever you want them to. The types of illusions you can conjure and their intensity would be limited by your imagination and focus. You could make your opponent see a demon or a firework display among countless other things. I am thinking of including this power in my superhuman series and there will be a case in which a wielder of this power projects an illusion that is so powerful, scary, and intense that they unintentionally traumatize a few hundred people.



I have been wondering about Griffith from the anime/manga Berserk. Can he be defeated and should he be defeated? We all know Griffith did unforgivable things to achieve his ultimate goal of acquiring his kingdom ranging from sacrificing his army to the Apostles, raping Casca, and maiming and half-blinding Guts. However, I have been analyzing the storyline of Berserk and wonder what Griffith’s ultimate fate will be at the end of the story. Many people want Guts to kill Griffith in single combat, but I think such a scenario will be complicated both in actual combat and in the potential consequences Guts will create by slaying Griffith.

As a normal human being, Griffith can be defeated by Guts, but I don’t know if the same can be said of his status as both the God Hand Femto and the untouchable reincarnate. As Griffith demonstrated throughout the Kushan invasion and his battles with Emperor Ganishka, Griffith has the ability to thwart any and every attempt to attack him, which allowed him to defeat his enemies every single time. Guts has a tendency to defy fate and his large sword can wound a God Hand, but I don’t know if that will be enough to counter Griffith’s fate manipulation and untouchable aura. Guts may be able to wound Griffith, but I don’t think he can ultimately beat Griffith in the long run.

Also, even if Guts manages to slay Griffith, the consequences of his death will be tremendous and disastrous. Due to his exploits during the Kushan invasion, Griffith has established a solid reputation as a savior and hero. The Holy See religion also sees Griffith as their messiah and the lynchpin to their faith. The telepathic medium Sonia is blindly devoted to Griffith and even if she fully read Griffith’s mind and saw what he did, it is questionable if she would turn on him after saving her from the Kushans. Even if Guts forces Griffith to reveal his true form as Femto to the world, I doubt they will turn on him because they came to accept the Apostles after they revealed their true forms in the final battle against Emperor Ganishka. Overall, due to his status as a hero who saved Midland not once but twice and the messiah of the Holy See religion, Griffith has established himself as the lynchpin to the human world. Without the lynchpin, the whole system will come crashing down. If Guts reveals everything Griffith has done and kills him, he will not save the world; he will tear it apart.

With this in mind, I think Berserk will have a bittersweet ending like Game of Thrones. Despite his thirst for vengeance and hatred for Griffith, Guts may have to accept that Griffith is holding the world together or risk turning the entire world against him and Casca. But in the end, Guts and Casca will be together until the end of their days.


I don’t usually watch American Idol, but I remember watching this audition with this super-crazy man named Cooper Robinson AKA The Human Tornado. This man comes from the woods in Arkansas who did not know his own age or the distance between California and Arkansas and was so wild and crazy that he literally left the judges speechless. His type of crazy was super-funny. He left such an impression that Ryan Seacrest came out and asked, “what the hell was that?” I enjoy watching Cooper Robinson going berserk. Check out the Human Tornado!



In an increasingly technological world, I like the idea of an individual who can bend technology to their will. Technopathy would be a power that would put even the best hackers in the world to shame. You could breach any firewall with ease and hijack a robot army with the power of your mind alone. Due to the many forms of advanced technology in my superhuman series, I am thinking of including a character who can control technology.



I learned that there are multiple variants of superhuman speed, each with their own form of locomotion. The variant I am most interested in is called temporal speed, which grants the wielder complete control over their personal temporal field. This allows them to accelerate the flow of time around them while they themselves are moving normally. This gives them the illusion of having super speed. Two known examples of this power include Velocidad from Marvel Comics (in the picture above) and Tracer from Overwatch. One notable side effect of this power is that it causes the wielder to age a lot faster than normal because time is accelerating around them every time they use their power. I am thinking of introducing a character with this power in my superhuman series because I find this version of super speed more fascinating and complex than the traditional variant. My character will only be able to maintain their increased speed for an hour at a time and look as though they are moving at over 4,000 feet per second, which is about as fast as a Winchester .220 Swift bullet.


Throughout my time in high school, I was an active member of theatre class. I acted in a number of plays like Charlotte’s Web, multiple Shakespeare plays, and Dr. Suess plays. The thing I loved most about acting on stage was that when you get into character you feel yourself transforming into someone else. It is such a rush to completely change your personality, emotions, and stature in a snap. The only thing I regretted was that we had no access to the hardcore special effects we needed to make the plays epic and intense. I am thinking of reliving those glory days for my superhuman series.

Here is the catch though. I am thinking of including a superhuman making himself publicly known by acting in a play. They would use their powers to produce very vivid special effects to make the performance as intense as possible. That would be one heck of a way to make yourself publicly known as a superhuman. However, such a display will have unexpected consequences.


In multiple science fiction futuristic universes such as Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and Blade Runner, I noticed they each had their own unique form of profanity. One thing I learned is that profanity is a way for people to express anger, surprise, disgust, fear, and other emotions. With this in mind, I wonder how people in the future would use profanity. Depending on how much time has passed and how much civilization has evolved, I don’t think humanity would swear the same way they do today. With this in mind, I will base the futuristic swearing of my superhuman series on the censored swearing I normally use myself.


Recently, I revisited the Disney version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame and I was reintroduced to this song: Hellfire. In this scene, the villain, Judge Claude Frollo, is suffering from an inner conflict between his beliefs and his lust for the heroine Esmeralda. Throughout the song, he pleads the Virgin Mary for salvation yet cannot let go of his desire for Esmeralda or his hatred towards gypsies. I found the Latin chanting and haunting choir music in the background to be chillingly exhilarating. Overall, Hellfire is a song of lust, sin, and damnation. It is by far the best villain song Disney ever produced because the evil and villainy Judge Frollo represents actually exists in the real world: a madman and zealot in a position of power who is willing to abuse his authority to achieve his own ends and unlike other Disney villains he does not require dark magic or monsters to pursue his goals. Still, the haunting music, atmosphere, and religious elements of this scene gave me much to think about for the religious scene I mentioned in my previous posts for my second fantasy book. Just as Judge Frollo was conflicted by his beliefs, hatred for gypsies, and lust for Esmeralda, my main character will suffer an inner conflict that puts him at odds with his beliefs and uncompromising hatred towards his father. My main character’s inner struggle will revolve around wrath, sin, and damnation like the backstory of a Shakespeare play.


Before humanity abandoned their destroyed homeland of Homantis, they all spoke a language that predated the Common Tongue, Homani. To better understand what this language would sound like, allow me to give you some tips. Homani is essentially a mixture of Old Norse and Old English or Anglo-Saxon with the exhalted undertone of Latin. A few thousand years after the Common Tongue was introduced, Homani was only spoken amongst a select few such as the Welts, the kingdom of Storuuk, and the Sages of the Temple sing it while praying or performing a choir. I will explore this language some more while I write the second volume of the Magnus Dynasty Saga.