Apart from weddings and coronations, I am thinking of including other religious moments in my second fantasy book. In both film and television shows, I have seen characters kneeling before either an altar or an ornate crucifix and revealing their deepest doubts and secrets before them. In this sense, you get a better understanding of the characters than you had before. I got this sense when I watched The Tudors and the Disney version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. In all of these cases, I would hear haunting choir music in the background as the characters revealed their deepest, darkest secrets and doubts to a higher power. To get myself in the right mood, I will be using my BlueTooth to krank up haunting choir music throughout my writing studio. In this scene, I will depict a scene in which the main character kneels before an altar that displays towering statues of the five Elemental Gods and reveals his doubts and secrets to them. It will be like when Henry VII first landed in Wales before he faced Richard III. Upon reaching the Welsh beach, Henry fell to his knees, clasped his hands in prayer, and said, “Judge me, Oh Lord, and favor my cause.” This will also fit in well to the many elements of the War of the Roses I will be incorporating in my book.


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