When it was first created, the Iron Throne was intended to be a symbol that would unite the Seven Kingdoms under a single banner after thousands of years of infighting. For a time, the Iron Throne’s intended purpose was good for the realm, but it gradually turned into a symbol of tyranny, corruption, and treachery. Due to this, the power and absolute authority the Iron Throne promised started two of the largest, bloodiest, and most destructive civil wars Westeros has ever known: The Dance of the Dragons and the War of the Five Kings. The War of the Five Kings, in particular, had switched hands so many times and warped the line of succession so greatly that no one in their right mind would trust the Iron Throne’s credibility ever again. Also, with so many kingdoms kept under the the ruling monarch’s boot, many people will want to be free from the Iron Throne’s influence forever. However, as long as the Iron Throne exists, Westeros will never know freedom and peace. Therefore, it makes sense that the Iron Throne should be destroyed and for all kingdoms to become independent. That is the only way to permanently end the cycle of war, corruption, and treachery. If the plot leak I uncovered is true, then Daenerys Targaryen went through all that trouble only to destroy the very object she wanted her whole life. That is a bittersweet way for the story to end because Daenerys went through so much hardship just to destroy her ancestors’ legacy for all time. It is bitter because all the effort she put in to her quest will be in vain, but it will be sweet because she will have broken the wheel she had sworn to break. As the Breaker of Chains, she will break the biggest shackle of them all, a tyrant’s throne.



As I mentioned in my last post, it has been revealed that Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, their unborn children, and remaining two dragons will survive in the end. In the plot leak I mentioned in my last post, Daenerys will give birth to twins, one who is a boy who inherited Jon Snow’s Stark features of black hair and grey eyes and a girl who inherited Daenerys’s Targaryen features of white hair and purple eyes. Due to this, I think all modern Targaryens will either have black hair and grey eyes or white hair and purple eyes, but they would always have the long face of the Starks. It is unknown if Daenerys and Jon will have more than two children, but if so then that would serve House Targaryen even better. Drogon and Rhaegal will probably start roosting on Dragonstone and lay a clutch of eggs, which would be available to future generations of Targaryens. Dragonstone is easily the best place to breed and house dragons in all of Westeros, even more so than the Dragonpit, and has been for three hundred years.

With the Seven Kingdoms independent and the Iron Throne destroyed, Jon and Daenerys ¬†will likely rule the Crownlands and abandon King’s Landing, replacing it with Dragonstone as their seat. With no Iron Throne, King’s Landing would be reduced from the capital of an empire to the largest and wealthiest trade center in Westeros, which would serve as the bulk of the modern Targaryens’ wealth. Jon and Daenerys will probably give King’s Landing to their most loyal supporter in the Crownlands, whoever that is. The fertile farmlands of Crownlands would also serve as the kingdom’s main source of food alongside trade with both the rest of Westeros and the Free Cities of Essos. The Kingswood would remain the Targaryens’ private hunting ground. Tournaments and other festivities would be held right outside the gates of King’s Landing.

In terms of military, it has been stated in a semi-canon source that the full military strength of the Crownlands would be between ten to eighteen thousand strong while its navy was over two hundred ships. Once Westeros has stabilized, I can imagine that these numbers will remain the same after a few generations of healing. It may be small compared to the rest of the Seven Kingdoms, but its strength would be explosively augmented by dragons. If a rebellion breaks out, it can be swiftly ended with just a dragon or two. Dragonstone by itself can hold a garrison of around five hundred men, which is increased to around three thousand when combined with the other islands in Blackwater Bay.

With Houses Frey and Tully all but extinct and the Riverlands practically leaderless, I wonder if Jon and Daenerys would negotiate the annexation of the Riverlands to the modern Crownlands. This would more than double their military strength, increase their wealth, and boost production of food. The Riverlands had been fought over and conquered countless times since the Dawn Age, but Jon and Daenerys would be the first to peacefully gain the Riverlands through negotiation instead of war. In total, this modern Crownlands will grow into a kingdom that stretches from the western coast of the Riverlands to Dragonstone. It would be a kingdom that would be roughly the same size as the Reach and a third of the size of the North. It would be a worthy inheritance for Jon and Daenerys to pass onto their children and descendants.

As the actual head of House Targaryen, I can imagine Jon Snow bringing a Stark-like flare to Dragonstone. It is a nice thought if Dragonstone becomes as peaceful and lively as Winterfell was before the War of the Five Kings. While Daenerys would teach their children dragonriding and when to ruthless, Jon would teach them Stark honor such as “the man who passes the sentence must swing the sword.” Longclaw would replace Blackfyre and Dark Sister as the new Valyrian steel sword of House Targaryen and Jon would probably hang it above the mantle in the Chamber of the Painted Table. Also, I can see Jon salvaging a weirwood tree from the Winterfell godswood and planting it on a hill on Dragonstone, which would be where future generations of Targaryens would execute condemned criminals, have weddings, and worship the Old Gods of the Forest like the Starks before them.

In terms of politics, I can imagine Jon and Daenerys marrying their son and daughter to two of their Crownland vassals, Houses Velaryon and Celtigar. Like the Targaryens, the Velaryons and Celtigars are of Valyrian descent and they intermarried one another multiple times to keep their Valyrian blood pure. Marrying their son and daughter to each of these Houses would not only ensure the purity of the blood of the dragon, but it will allow them to reconnect with their old vassals and cousins. After this, the incestuous practices of House Targaryen will be brought to a permanent end. Over time, they would probably marry their descendants off to the other noble Houses across the Crownlands/Riverlands in order to consolidate their hold on the kingdom. In two or three generations, the Crownlands/Riverlands will be firmly in House Targaryens’ hands. Once their hold on the modern Crownlands is complete, future generations of Targaryens would improve foreign relations with the other sovereign kingdoms by marrying into other royal families. This would further guarantee the duration of the peace that untold thousands (or even millions) died for.

In the past, Targaryen kings were titled “King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm”. However, those titles were only relevant as long as the Iron Throne existed and the Seven Kingdoms were united under a single banner. With the Seven Kingdoms independent from one another, the modern Targaryens would adopt new titles to suit their new position. I can imagine them styling themselves as “Lords of Dragonstone and Kings of the Blackwater and the Trident”. The heir apparent to their throne would retain their title “Prince or Princess of Dragonstone”.

Overall, I think the Crownlands/Riverlands will be an adequate amount of land for Jon and Daenerys to manage after Season 8 and it should be safe in their hands.



I finally know what will happen in Season 8 of Game of Thrones and how the series will end. I have been keeping tabs on a YouTube channel called Talking Thrones for years and he was right about everything about Season 7 before it was even aired. Because of this, I have no reason to doubt the revelations he presented.

George R. R. Martin did warn us that the story would have a bitter-sweet ending and now I finally understand what he meant. Let’s start with the bitter part of the ending. Ultimately, no one gets the Iron Throne in the end. The reason for this is because it was destroyed after Cersei was defeated. Daenerys Targaryen does ultimately win the Iron Throne, but she decides to destroy it because it is the wheel she wanted to break all along. Besides, even though she would have had the Iron Throne the price would have been too great because of the catastrophic loss of life both in the War of the Five Kings and the new Long Night. Therefore, Daenerys would no longer see the Iron Throne worth it. With the Iron Throne ceasing to exist, the Seven Kingdoms will also be disbanded. So, here is the overview of the bitter part of the ending: Seven Kingdoms ravaged, untold thousands slaughtered, and bloodlines severed. And for what? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! Everyone who has died in the fight for the Iron Throne throughout the series has died in vain!

Due to this revelation, I think the Iron Throne is the One Ring of Game of Thrones. Both are objects of power that can corrupt whoever wields them and cause mass destruction. In addition, the only way Middle-Earth and Westeros can know peace is the destruction of both the One Ring and the Iron Throne.

More aspects of the bitter part of the ending will involve over two thirds of the remaining characters being wiped out while fighting both the White Walkers and Cersei. After fulfilling his purpose as the three-eyed raven, Bran Stark will lose all of his greensight powers and die. King’s Landing will be in ruins after the final battle against Cersei, but most of the wildfire will not go off. Winterfell and almost every castle in the North will be in ruins and the battlefield where the White Walkers are defeated will be littered with tens of thousands of corpses.

Now for the sweet part of the ending. Even though two thirds of the characters we have come to know and love will die, the survivors will have a happy ending as they rebuilt Westeros. Each kingdom will become independent and a new series of rules are put in place to prevent the rise of another tyrant like Cersei. Among the surviving characters will be Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, Gendry, Tyrion Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Brienne of Tarth, the Hound, Bronn, Samwell Tarly, Gilly, Little Sam, and Daenerys’s remaining two dragons Drogon and Rhaegal. When the Seven Kingdoms become independent, Sansa and Arya Stark will rule the North, Jaime and Tyrion Lannister will rule the Westerlands, Samwell Tarly and Gilly will rule Hornhill and possibly the entire Reach, Gendry will be legitimized as a Baratheon and rule the Stormlands, and Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen will rule Dragonstone and possibly the Crownlands to raise their children and dragons. With the dawn and spring approaching, Westeros is beginning to stabilize and peace is restored though at a terrible cost.

Another aspect of the bitter part of the ending is that even though the Iron Throne will be destroyed and peace is restored to the realm, there is no way of knowing how long that peace will last. The possibility exists that someone in the distant future may develop ambitions to conquer the Seven Kingdoms under a single banner start the cycle of corruption, war, and treachery all over again. For example, even though Jon Snow and Daenerys may be content to live out their days on Dragonstone, their descendants may follow in Aegon the Conqueror’s footsteps.

Overall, this is the ending I would like out of all the possible scenarios and I look forward to seeing it next year.



I went over Cersei Lannister’s selfish choice of not aiding the Starks and Targaryens against the White Walkers at the end of Season 7 and I think I have a full analysis of her current mindset. She was raised on the basis of the so-called “game of thrones” that the nobility of Westeros was obssessed about. Because of that, the “game of thrones” is all she knows or cares about. Without it, she’s nothing and the Iron Throne she has coveted her whole life is just a useless piece of scrap metal. Therefore, when she realizes that the world was ending she was desperately clinging onto the reality she once knew. The corrupt world she relished was about to cease to exist with its treacherous denizens joining the giants and children of the forest in extinction. As Morgan Freeman once said in the Shawshank Redemption, Cersei has been institutionalized and she cannot accept a any other world except one where everyone is at one another’s throats. She also may be experiencing what most people experience when they witness the end of the world, doing whatever they want because nothing else matters. In Cersei’s case, she wants to keep betraying, murdering, and extorting everyone around her until she dies with the rest of the world. Aegon “Jon Snow” Targaryen and Daenerys Targaryen thought showing Cersei the Wight would convince her into joining them against the White Walkers, but all it did was push her even deeper into insanity. Now she is becoming more paranoid and seeing treason around every corner like the Mad King did late in his reign. I would not be surprised if Cersei finishes what the Mad King started and blows up the rest of King’s Landing with wildfire. She already blew up the Great Sept of Baelor so I think she is definitely capable of destroying the rest of King’s Landing as well. Like the Mad King, Cersei will think “If I can’t have the Iron Throne then no one will!”

Just as Jaime warned her, this final treachery is going to come back and bite her hard in the ass. “And when the fighting is done, someone wins. You understand that? If the dead win, they march south and kill us all. If the living win and we’ve betrayed them, THEY MARCH SOUTH AND KILL US ALL!!!” When the White Walkers are defeated and even one of Daenerys’s dragons survives, then Cersei and her sycophants are doomed! Cersei always blamed Tyrion for the destruction of House Lannister’s future, but it has always been her and by the end of the new Long Night, the name “Lannister” will no longer be a name to be feared like Tywin wanted. Instead, the name “Lannister” will become a synonym for treachery and dishonor and it will be all Cersei’ fault. I can’t wait for Cersei to meet her fate as the final round of the “game of thrones” is completed.