In many of my previous posts, I mentioned the creation of a new superhero book series after The Young Guardians. I have tinkered with the idea for quite some time and I think I now have a firm idea of what the story should be about. It will take place in a dystopian future in which everything bad that is happening today reaches its fullest level (pollution, nuclear war, political corruption, terrorism, xenophobia, racism, corporate facism, etc.). I don’t think it would be fair to refer to the main characters as “heroes”. Instead, they will just be average citizens who are defying the status quo of their wretched world. This will be similar to the people who join protests against Trump, but on a more extreme level. I am planning to write this new project when I am done with the Magnus Dynasty Saga and it will be an even more complex story oozing with moral ambiguity. I will keep you updated on this new writing adventure!

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