When it was first created, the Iron Throne was intended to be a symbol that would unite the Seven Kingdoms under a single banner after thousands of years of infighting. For a time, the Iron Throne’s intended purpose was good for the realm, but it gradually turned into a symbol of tyranny, corruption, and treachery. Due to this, the power and absolute authority the Iron Throne promised started two of the largest, bloodiest, and most destructive civil wars Westeros has ever known: The Dance of the Dragons and the War of the Five Kings. The War of the Five Kings, in particular, had switched hands so many times and warped the line of succession so greatly that no one in their right mind would trust the Iron Throne’s credibility ever again. Also, with so many kingdoms kept under the the ruling monarch’s boot, many people will want to be free from the Iron Throne’s influence forever. However, as long as the Iron Throne exists, Westeros will never know freedom and peace. Therefore, it makes sense that the Iron Throne should be destroyed and for all kingdoms to become independent. That is the only way to permanently end the cycle of war, corruption, and treachery. If the plot leak I uncovered is true, then Daenerys Targaryen went through all that trouble only to destroy the very object she wanted her whole life. That is a bittersweet way for the story to end because Daenerys went through so much hardship just to destroy her ancestors’ legacy for all time. It is bitter because all the effort she put in to her quest will be in vain, but it will be sweet because she will have broken the wheel she had sworn to break. As the Breaker of Chains, she will break the biggest shackle of them all, a tyrant’s throne.

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