After tinkering with the massive tournament in the second volume of my fantasy series, I believe I finally came up with the rules for each event. The rules of real-life medieval tournaments were a little complicated for my tastes so I am going to simplify it. For example, in the joust you would earn one point if you strike your opponent in the chest, two points if you strike them in the head, and three if you knock them off their horse. As an added bonus, if you knock your opponent off their horse, you get to hold their horse, armor, and weapons for ransom. If they can pay the ransom, then the match will continue until the final score can be met, but if they can’t then they are disqualified and you win the match by default. Overall, the winner of a joust would be the best out of ten points. In the melee, there would be one-on-one matches between contestants and you need to either strike your opponent five times or knock them unconscious to win. In the archery match, the winner is decided on the best of twenty shots. In the horse race, the winner would be decided on the best of twenty laps. Each event will have a first place, second place, and third place winner. The prizes will consist of ten thousand gold florins for first place, five thousand gold florins for second place, and one thousand gold florins for third. Overall, it is going to be an epic event!

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