Here is a poem I wrote about my pit bulls:


“Two innocent souls look at me with fetching brown eyes.

Their large faces display hope and undying affection

while their brindle coats glimmer in the light. Only two

ambitions compel these adorable beasts: cuddling and

kissing with the closest human. I often reflect on how I

met these loyal hounds.


One terrier came from the east while the other came from

the west. Before they became mine, one lived a troubled

life while the other lived in luxury. Fate smiled on these

two puppies when my kin found them. The troubled hound

took a long journey with me and my father and discovered

absolute happiness for the rest of his life upon arriving at

the Golden State.


The pampered pup was found in a pet store. He was wild

and undisciplined, but despite his flaws was a loving

dog. When he arrived in my den, his brother from the

east welcomed him warmly. Together, the two terriers

became like a furry Laurel and Hardy and amuse my

family with their limitless charm.


Hounds have come and gone in my household, but these

two cuddly beasts stood out from the pack. Every day they

leave a deep impression among the community. It is as

though a light of heavenly love illuminates in the sky

wherever the terriers go. To this very day I live happily as

two innocent souls look at me with fetching brown eyes.”

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