One of my all-time favorite science fiction films was the 1998 TriStar version of Godzilla. I am among countless fans who regard the Kaiju in the film as Godzilla in name only and not a true Godzilla. This “Godzilla” is not invulnerable and has no atomic breath. Still, despite this, I thoroughly enjoy this film and the Kaiju in it. It was unique and interesting as its own character and Matthew Broderick was a fun actor. My all-time favorite parts were when the Kaiju arrived in New York and the entire city was reeling from their first encounter with a Kaiju. I would recommend this film to anyone who is seeking a good and epic monster movie.


I often wonder if there would be early signs people would see before a Kaiju attacks. When it comes to earthquakes, you would feel the ground shake slightly before it shakes more violently. When a tsunami forms, the sea recedes before forming a massive wave. With Kaiju, I think there would be similar signs that a Kaiju is coming if you know what to look for. For instance, you could see fish and sharks jumping onto the beach in a desperate attempt to flee the Kaiju. You could find the eaten remains of whales, submarines, and cargo ships washing onto the shore with visible bite marks on them. Since many Kaiju are nuclear in nature, it would be likely that everything a Kaiju touches is potentially radioactive. For instance, if you live on the beach and have a Geiger counter, you would probably get high readings both in the water and whatever washes onto the beach. These would be clear signs that a Kaiju is coming and it would be the calm before the storm. I will be elaborating on these signs when I write my Kaiju story.



For the second volume of my fantasy series, I will be depicting an entire war from start to finish. Due to this, it is definitely going to be bigger and more action-packed than Numen the Slayer. There will be more epic battles and more complex politics. I am already six chapters into the story and I have even skipped towards the more significant battles. I will be drawing inspiration from the War of the Roses and this war will have a similarly poetic name.


I came up with a complex origin story for the Kaiju in my new story. I decided to take a Frankenstein approach and draw inspiration from various forms of science. I am currently watching three documentaries that focus on gene splicing, synthetic biology, and nuclear mutations. By studying all the details of these three scientific fields, I believe I can piece together a scientifically plausible way to create a Kaiju. I will keep you updated on any further developments.