There have been multiple interpretations of how Kaiju reproduce. In Legendary’s Godzilla, the MUTO were able to breed the old fashioned way with a male and female. There have also been examples of Kaiju breeding asexually such as Zilla, Godzilla Earth, and Shin Godzilla, etc. Personally, I find asexual reproduction to be more plausible for Kaiju because if they bred with a male and female, they would be so big that their bodies would be crushed to death by their combined weight. I will be exploring Kaiju asexual reproduction in my story, but the method in which it is done will be most unexpected.


As a writer with a constantly active imagination, I have always been daydreaming. My earliest daydreams were the strangest I ever had and I can recall at least two of them. First, I thought getting shot turned you into a monkey. One bullet and your suddenly a chimpanzee. Second, I envisioned a series of stop-motion animation images that involve a toothless wolf climbing a pine tree. Then a guy who looks like one of the elves from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer looks up and his right eyeball pops out of its socket. Instead of blood, water poured out of the guy’s empty eye socket. As this happens, the guy yells, “Let go!” This was when I was very young, which was when my imagination was at its most raw and untamed. In such a state, I imagined outrageous things that did not make sense even to me. As I grew older, I was able to better envision my daydreams and create my stories accordingly.


This was a very enjoyable and unexpected story. In some ways, it reminds me of other dystopian stories in which a fascist organization enforces the lives of its citizens. For example, I did notice some similarities to the film Equilibrium. Overall, I would recommend this story to anyone who likes a dystopian world and how a status quo can be changed.



One of the common forms of punishment in the middle ages was being stuck in a wooden device called the pillory. While in the pillory, the victim’s head and hands are locked in place. This is usually the penalty for thieves or for petty crime. In the 1200s, there was a case of a baker who stuffed lead weights into his bread so that it weighs more and therefore costs more. The criminal was caught and put in the pillory. Once in the pillory, a lead weight would hang around his neck along with a loaf of bread. That way, there would be no mistake about what the offender had done. To make matters worse, the criminal would then be pelted with rotten vegetables, fish guts, cow pies, and anything else foul smelling. The criminal would endure this abuse for hours and sometimes days. In Numen the Slayer, one of the main characters Joe Karly was first introduced while in the pillory for the billionth time.


When I was a kid, I used to watch the Magic School Bus show and in one episode I became aware of rather special lifeforms. A large percentage of life in the ocean consists of plankton, which are microscopic organisms that serve an integral part of the marine food chain. Phytoplankton are small plant life that produce between 50 to 85 percent of the oxygen in the atmosphere. Zooplankton are tiny creatures that feed on the phytoplankton and then eaten by larger animals like anchovies, basking sharks, and whales. As I write my Kaiju story, I came across an interesting idea that involves mutated phytoplankton and zooplankton. If phytoplankton mutates, would it produce something other than oxygen? If zooplankton mutates, would they eat larger prey than phytoplankton? These will be questions I will be exploring in my Kaiju story.



I had an interesting thought about the Kaiju in my story. Since I am an avid fan of Greek mythology, I thought of making this Kaiju a primordial being like the Titans. This would be fitting since the Titans were the original Kaiju. For example, the Titan Gaia (depicted in the picture above) was the primordial mother of all life. My Kaiju will be based on the same concept as new mutated lifeforms and organisms are born from its very presence and flesh. Due to this, my Kaiju will have the power to not only destroy whole cities but also transform the biosphere and environment around it.