One of the most interesting kings in European history would be King Louis XIV of France also known as the Sun King. Louis was the longest reigning monarch in all of European history due to the fact that he ruled France for over 72 years and 110 days since he was four years old. He successfully established an absolute rule for the French monarchy that lasted until the French Revolution three-quarters of a century after his death. One of the ways he established absolute monarchy was constructing the Palace of Versailles and invited the entire aristocracy inside for extravagant celebrations. However, these celebrations were a facade so that Louis could keep a close eye on his vassals and constantly keep them in line. In addition to a long and absolute reign, Louis was also a prolific womanizer who sired 22 children (6 legitimate). Two of his illegitimate sons he made into Counts and the Grand Admiral of France at an early age, one at two-years-old and one at five-years-old. Most kings would have left their illegitimate children in the streets, but Louis XIV was different because he took good care of ALL his children, legitimate and illegitimate alike, by giving them lands, wealth, and titles of their own. For the main character in the third volume of my fantasy trilogy, I will be drawing inspiration from Louis XIV.


  1. I live with the feline Louis Catorze so I enjoyed reading this! Looking forward to finding out more about your novels. 🌞👑

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