Over the past few days, I updated and improved Numen the Slayer. Several of my readers said that the characters needed work even though the world building was good. So I took their advice and introduced some characters earlier than before, added new characters, and got rid of many characters entirely. I also increased the world building of the setting to make it more authentic. In order to do these things, I had to make some MAJOR modifications to the story and in some cases completely rewrite it. The beauty of my new publisher is that I can constantly update and improve my books and it doesn’t cost me a penny. Feel free to check out the new and improved Numen the Slayer.



Guess what? Numen the Slayer’s New Year’s giveaway has just been completed. 487 readers competed, but only 3 won themselves a signed copy of Numen the Slayer. They are from Colorado, Arizona, and Kansas. I look forward to organizing my next giveaway. Happy New Year!