For two decades I stood with pride.

With time by my side I grew towards the heavens.

Now I tower over my master’s home.

My roots reach deep into the earth’s womb

for one day this spot will be my grave.


I might live a century or more

with only the ground’s flesh as my door.

Looking up, I become enthralled by the sun’s light,

which I will cherish until my time is done.


The wind howls and birds sing through my branches.

My roots can taste the moistness of the soil.

As I loom over the house, I can see the vast world.

I can barely feel the elements while coated in my thick bark.


Because I am trapped in one place

I am lonely and without a companion.

The larger I grow, the more I tire

I cannot wait for when I retire.

For two decades I stood with pride.

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