In The Last Jedi, I saw the most epic scene I have ever seen in a Star Wars film: HYPERSPACE KAMIKAZE!!! Some people questioned the move, but it is basic physics. A ship going that fast is going to blow through everything in its path regardless of how big its target is. So the size and shields of Supreme Leader Snoke’s flagship are of no use against such an attack. Also, the resulting debris is still moving at light speed and will shred through any other ships that are in the area, which is why the surrounding Star Destroyers were demolished as well. Overall, a hyperspace kamikaze is a fleet-killing technique that I think the Resistance will use more often in the future. To defeat the First Order, the Resistance needed a “divine wind” and they had just that.

One thought on “HYPERSPACE KAMIKAZE!!!”

  1. Is true but prepare for hyperspace kamikaze is consum a quite anount of time and can be aware by enemy, they can disable the big one first and small one like light fighther x wing dont have enough power to penetrate enemy cruiser or mothership, and using kamikaze to turn guirellia warfare to attrition warfare with stronger First Order?this is bad idea i think.

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