When coming up with the Imperial Palace in Numen the Slayer, I drew inspiration from museum displays of gold and my experiences on top of Mammoth Mountain. I thought that a palace fit for an emperor had to be the biggest, richest, and most impregnable castle in the entire Empire. After examining gold samples and remembering my time on top of a mountain, I thought of making the Imperial Palace a mountain that started out as a mine before being converted into a vast stronghold. To this end, I drew inspiration from various interpretations of dwarf kingdoms in fantasy. In fact, thousands of years ago, the Imperial Palace started as a dwarf kingdom until it was taken from them by human conquerors. After the sacking of the Imperial Palace, the dwarf race became extinct throughout Gradaia along with the elves. The Palace’s new human owners took full advantage of its limitless wealth of gold, silver, copper, and precious gems. Then the Imperial Palace was taken by Galen the Bull, who made the Palace his seat as he conquered the other Petty Kingdoms. On the outside, the Imperial Palace is a thousand foot tall mountain made of red and yellow stone and rests in the middle of a lake that acts as a natural moat. The only features that give it away as a fortification are the front gate and a citadel carved out of the summit. Inside the Imperial Palace are countless halls, galleries, barracks, storerooms, vaults, kitchens, and many other rooms. Its stables could house over a thousand horses, its great hall had two dozen hearths, and its storerooms can contain enough food and provisions to last decades in case of a siege. Each of these rooms and halls are big and lavish enough to occupy gods. The throne room is the largest of the chambers and contains three distinct thrones: one made of gold, one made of silver, and one made of bronze. The gold throne is for the ruling emperor or empress, the silver throne is for their consort, and the bronze throne is for their heir apparent. The Imperial Palace is so vast that it requires more than ten thousand men-at-arms to be properly garrisoned. The largest army in the Empire can lay siege to the Imperial Palace and be repelled. The only way into the Imperial Palace is with the occupants’ consent. Overall, the Imperial Palace is a stronghold that shames all other castles in terms of size, wealth, and defense.

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